What will we think of a 70-year-old Tiger Woods?

Let’s fast-forward on Tiger Woods.

Let’s say it’s 2045 and Woods, not Jack Nicklaus, is approaching a 70th birthday.

Let’s say Elin Nordegren Woods has forgiven her husband for his many infidelities of the long ago, and they have raised a happy brood of children. Let’s say they have grown old together as doting grandparents with a golden wedding anniversary in sight and are set to remain married until death do they part. 

Or let’s say there has been no reconciliation and the couple has divorced, but discovered separate happinesses in subsequent marriages. Let’s say they have managed a healthy parental partnership resulting in happy children and grandchildren.

Or let’s say there has been a divorce, and Woods has remained single while leading an exemplary life as a non-custodial father.

Let’s say, too, that Woods has surpassed Nicklaus in golf’s record books by having amassed an ambundance of major championships, and has done so without a hint of competitive scandal.

Would any scenario be sufficient to lead to Woods’ public redemption?

Or is his legacy forever tarnished as a result of the current circumstance in which he finds himself?


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