Wanted: Post-Divorce Stories for Magazine Article

post divorce storiesI was recently contacted by a reporter looking to do a story for the May 2007 issue of Best Life Magazine on first and second marriages, from men and women’s perspectives, and the effect of divorce on both men and women.

She is especially looking for the point of view of a man who does well in his life financially and professionally, and leaves his first wife - who maybe helped him get where he got - to marry a younger second wife (or at least have a relationship with a younger woman, even if it doesn’t result in marriage).

In her words: “If you know of anyone who did this and would be willing/able to discuss it, I’d love to speak with them. The article will not be cruel, it will not condemn or condone anyone. But i really do want to provide a full prism of experience so that everyone is represented and the situation might be illuminated.”

If any of you out there are interested in sharing your story for this article, you can contact her directly at jardinelibaire@aol.com.

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I have been divorced for 10 years. We have 2 children ages 11 and 13 years. My ex-husband has married a woman 13 years his junior, she’s an exotic dancer. I have been remarried now for almost 2 years to a wonderful man 6 years my junior.
When my ex husband lost his job of 9 years, I pushed him and helped him get into school for the carrier he has now, computer aided drafting.
Our story is remarkable. They have even had huge debates on radios shows stemming from our story alone so I thought I would share it with you.
Although my ex and I are divorced, no one else will ever be a mother or father to our children. Their step parents are good to them but they will never replace mom or dad.
My ex and I had our debates in the beginning but we decided to put our differences aside (HUGE DIFFERENCES), for the kids sake. Our family is now 4 parents, 4 sets of grandparents, etc. We have vacationed together. We even lived next door to one another for 2 years, until the owner sold that house and he had to move. We stand by one another when it comes to discipline, even if we don’t always agree. We have been told how well adjusted our kids are. They make decisions on which house the would like to stay at from day to day and if it’s convenient for all, they stay there. We have a court order and haven’t even looked at it for several years. It just doesn’t matter. What matters is our kids.
I hope that we could talk to you about the story. We have several stories about our live together to share. We want to help others and we have the tips and tools to do it.

Hi Sandra,

That’s quite a story! Would you mind if I passed your email address and post to the reporter who is gathering this information? Im sure she would love to discuss it with you directly.

Or if you prefer to contact her directly, her email is as above: jardinelibaire@aol.com

Thanks for reading!


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