Study Shows Ritalin Use Doubles in Children of Divorce: But the Question Remains ‘Why?’

When a new study comes out showing that Ritalin use doubles in children of divorce, it is easy to assume the very public perception that divorce is always bad for kids. But is it really that simple?

Below, Professor Lisa Strohschein asks the following question: ‘Is it possible that divorce acts as a stressful life event that creates adjustment problems for children, which might increase acting out behavior, leading to a prescription for Ritalin?’

Or as this blogger puts it so well:

People often use psychiatric diagnoses as if they’re explanations when really they’re nothing more than descriptions. The idea is that science will ‘fill in the gaps’ and explain how these differences occur.

The trouble is, the behaviour described by an ADHD diagnosis could occur because of genetic influences on brain development, because divorce is causing emotional distress, because the child is being bullied, or for any number of other reasons.

Ritalin is likely to help regardless of what is causing the child to be disturbed, because it helps the child focus by boosting attention.

The question is, should children be prescribed drugs because they are distressed by a divorce? There’s no definite answer in every case as each child and each situation is different.

But perhaps we should be concerned that children are likely being prescribed psychiatric drugs as a ‘quick fix’ for emotional distress and behaviour problems when research shows that parent training programmes are safe and effective.

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Ritalin is basically an amphetamine and as such can be addictive. Novartis promotes this as a “cure” for childhood conditions and promtes it in the schools through school psychologists and psychiatrist. The marketing program works this way: take a disability or an emotion and add disorder to it ;convince schools,parents and teachers that these “disorders” are very bad and will get worse if something is not done about them now. Solution: Ritalin.
The St Petersburg Times reports that Florida Schools have increased prescritions for Ritalin 250% in the last 3 years.
Novartis makes billons on this drug. A very successful marketing program, wouldnt you agree?

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