Storage Solutions for Divorced Mothers

Ikea introduces it’s new line of storage solutions for post-divorce mothers. Funny:

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Listen up all of you males. Don’t even consider marriage because you willl only divorce. It could cost you a lot of money and tie your life up for a while. The lawlers seeth will greed pleasure because they will suck you dry at $300 or more per hour. You will feel like there is no hope after that judge orders you to pay your life away. If she is not a millionaire, then don’t get married. Don’t sign a pre-nup if she is a millionaire. Don’t get married! Listen now. Don’t have any children either because your committment will be 18 years at a minimum. Don’t let the female tie you down, always use your condom. Don’t give in to that love bul sh t. Love is nothing but a temporary feeling. Sometimes you feel love for a moment and then the next moment the love feeling can be gone. If the female is making minimum wage or not the same salary as you, then don’t get married. There has to be equal weight. Suppress your horny feelings–masturbate to get rid of the horniness. Don’t get married. If the males stick together, then we can end this marriage institution. The laws are not fair toward the male. You will be a fool if you get married. I can’t stress that enough. Let’s end marriage now and I mean it. Love is not real and last about as long as an orgasm - not long.

whoa man… thanks for venting…

Just because you don’t know how to treat a woman so she doesn’t leave you doesn’t mean marriage is wrong for everyone ;)

Honestly, women don’t know how they want to be treated. The male can throw money, jewelry and di_k at her and she still will not be satisfied. What they know is that they want to engage in sex with multiple partners. One partner is and will not be enough to please her. She’ll spend her husband’s hard earned dollars on her extra-marital mate. Actually, most of the domestic violence incidences in marriages are started by the women. When the police arrive, they will have already concluded that it was the male’s fault. They will observe the male and if they can’t see any evidence of injury, then they will not cite the female. The abuse continues against the male in many forms. Then you will discover that she is pregnant and you wonder if the child is yours. Who can live like that? Marriage ain’t sh_t and you know it.

Yeah, it’s true. I have a ton of friends who are married to men with ex-wives. Everyone of them are friggin’ psycho. The laws ARE for women, and who the hell cares if he’s living in a cardboard box - he better pay up! And don’t try to get a 2nd job bc she’ll want 56% of that, too.

But it’s not marriage, really. It’s kids. The kids are some women’s insurance policies, and most states allow the return to be HUGE.

There are plenty of good men and women out there.The problem is they rarely find each other.Not all women are like that.I hope you find her.

There is a saying that divorce is so expensive because it’s worth it. True enough! What is also worth it is waiting for true love. When you really find someone who is right, the money, the gifts, and any other “things” simply don’t matter. What matters is that two spirits who are meant for each other have finally met. Usually, it takes a lot of life experience to learn enough about yourself to know what you really want, and this may involve a divorce. However, do not give up hope, for when you find true love, there is nothing like it in this world and you will never be happier! I have met I woman who I simply adore. Someone who loves me with the same passion that I have for her. She’s my best friend, my lover, my confidante and someone who I admire and trust. That, my friends, is worth waiting a lifetime for.

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