Snoop Dogg Reveals What Almost Caused him to Divorce

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

snoop-dogg-on-divorce.jpgSnoop recently revealed what almost caused his marriage to fall apart back in 2004. The rapper says he took his family for granted and was having too much fun being the king of a sex gang. (Apparently that does not do a marriage good.) The artist says he was involved in several sex rendezvous and cheated on his wife, Shante Broadus. He also admits he was part of a gang that consisted of Los Angeles hookers where he could get any woman he wanted - day or night.

He told Rolling Stone magazine, “I had a b***h on every exit from the 10 freeway to the 101 freeway ’cause b***hes would recruit for me.” He added, “She’d act like it didn’t happen but she knew it was happenin’ because pimps would come over, get dressed, and then go to the Players Balls.”

For some strange reason (notice a hint of sarcasm), this put a strain on his marriage and the 35-year-old was forced to suffer the consequences when his wife decided to give him an ultimatum. Now Snoop Dogg insists he’s a changed man and isn’t going back to his old ways. He says he became tired of his pimpin’ lifestyle, and eventually changed his ways for good.

“I had enough,” he said. “That pimping s**t was cool because I needed to do it… but I’m into the family.”

Meanwhile, the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was arrested last week as he left NBC Studios following his performance on Jay Leno for investigation of illegal possession of a handgun and drugs. Sounds promising.

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Calvin acts so tough now.
Back in highschool he was the class wimp!

His wife sounds close-minded.

You know, his wife really has balls. How dare she not accept the bitches and ho’s. No wonder he was going to leave her. Amazing how jealous and narrowminded some women are.


He is just too darn wierd - who would wanna marry him in the first place????

What the ?!!!!!!

Who does “Snoop- DOG!!!” think he is! If his wife did the same shit 2 him, he would have dropped her ass like a hot potato. This type of “man” kills me, thinking they can go out and do whatever while the wife sits at home twittling her thumbs, PLEASE!!! Couldn’t have been me! b/c I would have shown him better than I can tell him! He would have had an empty house and divorce papers sitting on a milk crate when he came from slanging his di#@!!! from the 10 to the 101!!!! I don’t care WHO U R!!! No one deserves to be cheated on…why get MARRIED!

I feel sorry for his children…

don’t front, snoop. not having a pre-nup is what bought your skanky ass back home. homegirl would have walked away with all the dough. for someone from “the streets,” not a smart move. looks like wifey has you by the shorthairs.

Unfortunately, men like “Snoop” never grow up b/c they don’t have to. At the end of the day, he knows his wife is not going anywhere, its sad, but true. Lets just hope one of his many women did not cause his untimely death, as well as his spouse’s.

CP, You are a fool! I’m rotflmao at what you wrote.

these industry people amaze me. they know darn well what they are doing and they get so caught up in the “biology” of things that they forget what is important. Most of them have daughters as does this boob and he would be ready to kill someone if they did this to his daughter…well hello snoop dogg (key word dogg) your wife is someone’s daughter to and she is the mother of your children. Where is your respect for your family and yourself for that matter. It only takes one time to catch something and something he could’ve risked bringing back to his family. GOD bless his wife for even considering keeping him-he would’ve had to get every test under the sun to make sure his dirty behind didn’t bring any roaches into the bed and I am not talking about the weed he smokes…

Well, some of you all see it that way and I see it like this. Either she will step out or he will step out. It will be a matter of time. Snoop is publicizing his promiscuousness. His wife probably would not. Believe this. 86% of African American marriages end in divorce and so you see, African Americans, for the most part don’t stay married. You act like Snoop’s marriage is going to last. Please! Furthermore, the Hollywood factor exists. When you have money, you can afford all of your cravings and yearnings. Eddie Murphy is a baby factory. Mind you, he can afford it and I know Snoop can afford it as well. I can’t afford to get a bl w j b on my measly salary. Snoop, here is my message to you. Don’t give your wife HIV and always use a condom. Your sacks will empty soon and then you wil become a very good husband. At that time, your wife will begin to sow her oats. Here is a message to your wife. Don’t give Snoop HIV and kill him. At a 86% divorce rate, African Americans all can look forward to being single and promiscuous. Ain’t that the truth. Please dont’ hate the messenger.

It looks like Snoop dogg didnt grow up and thought he could have his cake and eat it too and apparantly that is what he did. I remember when all the hoopla was going on and he even recorded a song that was pretty much dogging out her in a song. It was about how everything is his and she didnt bring nothing to the table. I find it hard to beleive that he respects his marraige now. Also who in their right mind glorifies being a pimp. what a low class piece of trash.
Snoop the reason you didnt divorce because you didnt get a prenup and your wife was with your tall lanky behind when Suge was pimping all of your money. Other than that if you knew you didnt have a lot to lose you wouldve probably let her walk away.
Wow women will put up with anything when a man is poor but they will put up with everything when a man is rich.

This is just a smokescreen to hide his homosexual behavior. This is the same thing Magic did to deflect attention from the fact that he most likely got AIDS from homosexual escapades with stories regaling his exploits that including having sex with up to sex women at once. He must of been deathly afraid of the fact she would take half his money as well telling everyone he is gay. “b%$#es would recruit for me”? are you kidding me? get your head out of that other guy’s ass and smell the shiznit you shovelin’ Snoop! Blunts are only a symbol of what snoop acutally craves and needs to let the world know by subtly putting a long, hot, cylindrical, and extremely phallic object in his mouth. Did anyone notice that on his episode of cribs he had cupcakes at the door for the MTV crew? wtf kind of pimp does that? a ho-ass pimp! and he was vaccuuming the whole episode too! check the tape

Women need pimps and pimps need women. I don’t know of any single women or man that has not gone astray. We all are not perfect. Those of us who can–will and those of us who can’t–just will not. It is very simple. GOD blesses you and then GOD doesn’t give you so much. Who has everything? Snoop has it all now and maybe he decided to stay in his marriage because of that reason. He is selfish and doesn’t want his wife to have anything. If I were his wife, I would take it all. Then, Snoop would experience the life of most divorced men, whom live with very little to provide pleasure to a new mate. If he were divorced, maybe his women would give him free pleasure. Besides, he is a PIMP with big sacks. “Snoop can rap. Snoop can dance. Snoop can please the women and put them in a trance.” Snoop has that good hair cause his forefathers owned the plantation and didn’t work the fields. He’ll probably get married once or twice and even more like Evander Holyfield.

@The Nyle

C’mon now. please stop accusing men who sleeps around to most likely be gay. LOL I’ve heard that before many times about all types of celebs.

For example;

George Clooney is “gay” and that’s why he never gets married. His girlfriends in the past have just been his “beard”. Clooney talks about dating many women because he tries to hide his homosexuality” LMAO.

I’m not a big fan of Snoop, but let’s face it a lot of these dudes do sleep with TONS of women. Hiphopstars, Rockstars, hollywoodstars, Athletes (NBA, NFL players..etc) and they don’t care if they’re married or not.

I mean a lot of “regular dudes out there cheat and have multiple partners. Now if you’re a celeb then you’ll have soooo many more opportunities. Snoop is a popular hiphop star and there are LOTS of groupies out there. I’m not saying it’s right and I’m glad he has changed his lifestyle but all this “gaytalk” is just nonsense. I just hope he protected himself everytime he slept with all those chicks.

A Wanna Be Pimp…….

You need to check your stats, they are really wrong . Actually, 65% of African American marriages end in divorce and 58% of White marriages end in divorce and 42% of Hispanic marriages end in divorce. Please do not turn this into a black thing. WE are all not responsible for one man’s promiscious behavior. He was not raised in my household or the households of 80% of self-respecting, hardworking, Christian African Americans so we should NOT have this dumped into our laps as a result some sort of false collective behavior that you want to define. Blame it on what it is… grown-azz, fake azz rappers trying to live out their lyrics to sell CDs and maintain street cred.


Some Christian African Americans don’t impress me with the way they hold to the principles of their religion. Reverend Jesse stepped out and balled with his baby Moma. I’m afraid to take my wife to church these days and I’m afraid to take my wife to a Snoop concert. She’ll probably say, “I’m going to the little girls room for a minute.” Two hours later, I will not be able to find my wife. She’ll visit backstage and ball the entire entourage. When I finally do find her, she’ll be dripping wet. “Where have you been honey?” “I was talking to one of my girl friends!” “Why have you become so defensive?” You know she has been balling Snoop backstage. In my mind, I’ll say, “I’ll get you. It will be my turn and I will ball whom I please.” Marriage ain’t nothing and you know it. Some of the most faithful men and women have been shunned because someone in the relationship had a horny moment. Jesse is a baller and so iis Snoop. His sacks will empty one day and he’ll become a good baby daddy. Until then, ball them big dawg.

This is in response to A Wanna Be Pimp. I am not sure where you are getting your statistics from but the African American Divorce rate is 12% if you would like to verify this info please see

People fail to realize that African Americans were denied marriage for a long time and history does tend to repeat itself. We were forced to jump a broom stick and declare ourselves married we were not allowed the benefit of a pastor for a very long time. Yes things have changed but you become who you are from traditions being passed down from generation to generation. As far as Snoop is concerned he is an arrogant immature ass. I feel bad for his wife that she has to put up with and live with his immaturity. For her sake I hope she wakes up one day and realizes that no amount of money is worth your respect, dignity, & self esteem. Being that they have a daughter it is sad because a daughter’s first love is her father and it is from him that she learns how a man is to treat her. I hope that his little girl doesn’t grow up to be a prostitute seeing that he wants to pimp and has so much love for his hoes and she has to see all of this. I hope her mother can be a better father for her then what her father is being

Shante does her dirt as well and yes she does love Snoop but at the end of the day she has three kids with this man and it is easier for her to stay married to Snoop and have her real life on the side. There is no way that she can act like this doesnt go on and the only real way she can deal with it is to do her own thing…. And she does Shante likes younger college aged men and will have them driving around in Snoops’ cars and all types of madness. I dont doubt there is love there but Snoop will fuck it up if not already… Word on the Streets is that one of those children are not his anyway.

Ms Statistics,

The info that you have shown is regional. The national divorce rate is 55%. African Americans divorce at higher than the national average. 12% isn’t even believable. It is a shame that African Americans do not stay in marriages more. We simply can’t stand each other. That is what it is and I stand firmly behind that. Does anyone know what the interracial marriage divorce rate? I’d like to know. You will get a divorce in these modern times. It is so easy to become so selfish and get out, thereby wreaking havoc on your personal life. The male has to pay child support, child care, alimony and divide in half all the earthly material value even if she made minimum wage. The courts pay the women for her ability to bear children. Children are meal tickets and the more children she has the more the monthly cost to the male. Males have to begin assessing why they would want to get in a marriage because eventually marriages will end. It takes one angry or ill-advised comment. “Your butt sure is getting big” comment, ended my marriage. I wanted a divorce when she said to me, “You could find new p ssy here if you had 3 more inches of d k!” I couldn’t handle that statement and so I immediately wanted out. I mean after that, the mailman and the milkman were leaving my house everytime I arrived home.

Stop making stuff up. There are no “words on the street” that one of Snoops kids is not his or that his wife dates different young guys and let them driving around in Snoop’s cars. Where the hell did you get that from? This is how rumors starts. Anyway, Snoop is a damn fool for cheating on his wife. They have three kids together so i hope they can work things out.

Ms Statistics where are you getting your information from. Please prove it.

Listen up all of you males. Don’t even consider marriage because you willl only divorce. It could cost you a lot of money and tie your life up for a while. The lawlers seeth will greed pleasure because they will suck you dry at $300 per hour. You will feel like there is no hope after that judge orders you to pay your life away. If she is not a millionaire, then don’t get married. Don’t have any children either because your committment will be 18 years at a minimum. Don’t let the female tie you down, use your condom. Don’t give in to that love bul sh t. Love is nothing but a temporary feeling. Sometimes you feel love for a moment and then the next moment the love feeling can be gone. If the female is making minimum wage or not the same salary as you, then don’t get married. Suppress your horny feelings–masturbate to get rid of the horniness. Don’t get married. If the males stick together, then we can end this marriage institution. The laws are not fair toward the male. You will be a fool if you get married. I can’t stress that enough. Let’s end marriage now and I mean it. Love is not real and last about as long as an orgasm - not long.

i see it like this a nigga only got one time to cheat and you should be gone. but hey i guess da money flow rite so her ass no goin no where… but her for the longest time i thought he married someone else b4 he married her.. cause he sons are so light skinned and cute and their daughter look like them.. so what goin on??

at least he has changed and their happy now. i think

Youll are So Dum, Shante Was Wit Snoop Since FCKiN HIGH SCHOOL .. Before Snoop Even Made It, its funny how youll think you know shante & snoop, if your name was mentioned to either one of them i bet they wouldnt know you, or give 2 shits about what youll have to say, people arent perfect, snoop is a nigga & niggas will be niggas he loves his wife why the fuck do youll care whuts goin on with there relationship, worry about youll man and who hes fuckin, cuz i bet its not JUST you!

i agree with devine 1 i like snoop but damn man several times i would have uppd and left his ass!!!! talkn bout he love her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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