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Would You Stay Engaged to a Cheating Fiance?

Michael Smalley unpacks his opinions if this woman should stay engaged to a cheating fiance.
But we want to know your opinion, should you dump a guy who cheats on you during your engagement?


“I need to know what my rights are…”

i met my husband at proabably the worse time one could meet a sig. other. i was going through a very bad divorce (husband left for another woman) he is seven years younger than i but he was great with my kids. i knew he had some issues with depression and i thought we could […]

“He told me I would never find anyone better than him…”

Long, sorry!
Hi all, I am 24 my H is 30, we have been married for almost seven years and together almost 10. Since the begining of our relationship Porn has been an issue. When we talked about it my H said, I have always done and it is not going to change, you better learn […]

How your parents told you about their divorce

This is a serious piece:
but I thought it would be funnier (or at least more interesting) to hear the real stories.
FOCUS: How did your parents tell you they were getting divorced, or if they didn’t directly tell you, how did you find out? What happened?
Come on, let it all out!

“I have told him that I am all for the divorce now – but his behavior is getting WORSE…”

Gosh! All of this info is making my head spin ….. but maybe, somewhere out there, someone has some advice for me ………. ?
I am currently “legally” married; separated now for 4 months from a man I met when I was 18 [he was 21]. Fast forward 18 years, 16 years of them married. We […]