Weird Divorce News

Jesse James Divorce - No Porn for You!

TMZ has learned … pornography was one of the bones of contention in the custody battle between Jesse James and his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder. Specifically, Jesse had issues with Janine’s connection to the sex industry. Wait, what does Michelle McGee do again?

Jesse said in his declaration, “Sunny now has a family, school, friends, pets, and […]

Why having a divorce party is like celebrating a miscarriage

Apart, perhaps, from death, is there anything more painful than divorce?
Years before a marriage arrives at the decree absolute stage, both partners started out on a path that should, ideally, have led to a long life of shared  experiences, children, and mutual support — all underpinned by loyalty and love.
Indeed, both people felt so strongly […]

How to Handle Post-Divorce Tweeting: Beware Of the Bitter Twitters

by Deb Mecklinger
Use the following tips to maintain grace, save face and keep your divorce out of cyberspace. When it comes to divorce, DO NOT use Twitter to:
1)  Break News: Don’t break your story with a Tweet. Instead, speak.
2)  Spread News: Be discreet and keep your story in house. This is not the time to build an […]

The Already Left’em Video Contest

LuvemOrLeavem wants you to send them your videos of you or you and your friends singing The Divorce Party Song, “You’re Free!”
Remember Ladies, this contest is about having fun and winning great prizes, so don’t stress about you’re singing voice.
The grand prize pack will include:

80GB iPod Classic from
Designer Drink Garnishing Kit from Dress […]

Earthquake in Zipland Addresses Fears of Children Whose Parents Get Divorced

A new therapeutic tool for helping children deal with divorce may appeal to kids in a way nothing else will – as a computer video game. Earthquake in Zipland debuted last year and is a quest-style game that follows the struggles of Moose, the son of the King and Queen of Zipland, a small […]

Bury Your Wedding Ring, Win $1,000!

A while back I wrote about an interesting new product called the Wedding Ring Coffin.
Now, the company is having a video contest and wants you to to participate by creating a video that demonstrates what the Wedding Ring Coffin means to you. Did you purchase a WRC? What did you do with it? Did you […]

Divorce: Bad for the Environment

By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY
Divorce isn’t green, says a study being published today.
The research, led by ecologist Jianguo “Jack” Liu, a Michigan State University professor of fisheries and wildlife, looked at international data comparing utility consumption and housing space per capita in married and divorced households. He found that divorce creates more households with fewer […]

Man Divorces Wife for Lying about her Age

The court granted a divorce to a man who claims his wife lied to him about her age.
She said she was 24-years old before they got married.
After they got hitched, however, she ‘fessed up to really being 30-years old.
Darn Asian girls. Even the locals can’t tell how old they are.
A little slow on the intake, […]

It’s Game On For Family Lawyers

SOURCE - ABA Journal 
When Jasmin Watson talks about her divorce, she sounds tired and a little frustrated. Mostly, though, she’s concerned about how her children—ages 9, 11 and 12—are holding up. They’re doing better, she says, thanks in part to a package that arrived in the mail from her attorney.
Inside was a video game called […]

Divorce is Not a Game But a New Game Can Help Deal with It

Remember the days when there were books for children on “difficult” topics such as divorce or puberty (you know the ones I’m talking about: “Where do Babies Come From”, “Why is Mommy’s New Friend Sleeping Over”) – those books. They were pretty good, had some decent cartoons, and for the most part did what […]