Random Thoughts

The Secret to Happiness (After Divorce and In General)

There are certain movies which are better off watched on your PC. The ones that have a message. The ones where you need to surrender to the monitor, dive deep inside the screen, into the story, into your soul. The ones you need to keep within reach.
“The Secret” is one of those movies.
The least […]

Are You Single? In Good Health!

Recent studies show that single women have a life expectancy of 1.4 years longer than those who are married!
The reason? Married women usually have children, household chores and more stress in their lives which can ultimately shorten their life!!!
Who knew??

No Wonder I Eat So Much McDonald’s

This is un-freikin-believable. Some guy caught McDonald’s using subliminal advertising in the middle of an Iron Chef show. IS this something that is going on during every show we are watching? What else is our subconscious being stuffed with? 

Guess Who Got to Keep the Cat

I keep trying to tell people that our cat is psycho and no one seems to understand just how much. So I brought proof.

Bride Doesn’t Like Her Hair - EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

I’ve heard of brides from hell but this has to be one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Bride-to-be has panic attack 1 hour before the reception and starts cutting off her hair and attacking the bridemaids. You think this will hold up in divorce court?

Wanted: Post-Divorce Stories for Magazine Article

I was recently contacted by a reporter looking to do a story for the May 2007 issue of Best Life Magazine on first and second marriages, from men and women’s perspectives, and the effect of divorce on both men and women.
She is especially looking for the point of view of a man who does well […]

How your parents told you about their divorce

This is a serious piece:

but I thought it would be funnier (or at least more interesting) to hear the real stories.
FOCUS: How did your parents tell you they were getting divorced, or if they didn’t directly tell you, how did you find out? What happened?
Come on, let it all out!

Don’t Forget to Feed the Darn Cat

There’s a new addition to the family and he’s adorable!
If you see him (he tends to hide on the sidebar) don’t forget to say hello. And pet him. And play with him. And feed him.
Isn’t he cute???