Need to Know Basics

Mapping Out a Prenup

Mapping out a pre-nuptial agreement is never particularly romantic. But it can be especially tricky when children from previous relationships are involved. Winnipeg-based engineer John Lang found this out the hard way. When Lang (not his real name) married his second wife 22 years ago, he wanted to guarantee that his sizable estate would be […]

What Divorce Parenting Practices are Most Appropriate for School-Age Children?

It is being said that how bad or how well children go through the divorce depends on how the situation is handled. And believe me when I tell you that there is an appropriate divorce parenting practices for children of any age for them to be healthy, happy and successful despite you’re divorce. It simple […]

Ten Ways To Help Children Through Divorce

By Ed Sherman
Going through a divorce is no fun for anyone, but children are especially vulnerable. Divorce specialist attorney Ed Sherman reveals in his book Divorce Solutions: How to Make Any Divorce Better, the following 10 things you can do to make a big difference in how well your children survive.1. Tell children the […]

How Will My Divorce Affect My Credit?

A very good overview of some of the credit issues in divorce:
Ask The Advisor: How Will My Divorce Affect My Credit?
by Jimmy Atkinson, Ask The Advisor
In the unfortunate event that you get a divorce, worrying about your credit score may be the last thing on your mind. However, even during the most trying times of […]

Divorce is Not a Game But a New Game Can Help Deal with It

Remember the days when there were books for children on “difficult” topics such as divorce or puberty (you know the ones I’m talking about: “Where do Babies Come From”, “Why is Mommy’s New Friend Sleeping Over”) – those books. They were pretty good, had some decent cartoons, and for the most part did what […]

Practice the Simple ABC’s of Life

During the course of our lives, many people and situations intervene and challenge us. Take it easy. The way to live a happy and productive life is to stop focusing on what’s wrong and what’s lacking.
Start practicing the simple ABC’s of life. Don’t waste your precious moments building tension and anxiety. Find joy in the […]

The Secret to Happiness (After Divorce and In General)

There are certain movies which are better off watched on your PC. The ones that have a message. The ones where you need to surrender to the monitor, dive deep inside the screen, into the story, into your soul. The ones you need to keep within reach.
“The Secret” is one of those movies.
The least […]

How To Survive A Divorce And Move On With Your Life

One out of every two marriages in America is failing.
American families are crumbling and vanishing.
Most families have become dysfunctional, and it is widely becoming fashionable to come from a dysfunctional family.
Divorce is on the rise all the time.
Your self-esteem - what you think of yourself in relation to other people - is the basic secret […]

Five Tips to Financially Prepare for Divorce recently presented the following five suggestions to help you financially prepare for divorce:
1. Gather all necessary information & make copies:
In many divorce cases, one spouse generally assumes the responsibilities of maintaining the household’s financial foundation, leaving the other spouse to the household’s up-keeping responsibilities. During the marriage, this may seem to be a convenient […]

10 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Divorce

By Vicky Lansky
Divorce isn’t always what you imagine it to be. Now that I have the ability to look back on 10 plus years I have noted a number of things that I didn’t know when I started this journey. I know everything listed here might not apply to EVERYBODY (there’s always […]