The Dreaded D-Word


I came across this great post on Facebook today, a beautiful and important message by Sean Whalen that I wanted to share. Peace is always a choice…

“This is my ex wife and her husband.
Our 3 kids and their 2 kids.
Tonight they invited me over for dinner.
5 years ago she and I had to have a […]


”Honeeeey, we’ve won 10 million!” “Greeeeaaatt! I want a divorce!”

Debunking the One-in-Five Divorces Linked to Facebook Stat

Did you hear the one about the research studies that cited that Facebook is causing 20% of today’s divorces? Press releases headlined it. The news media ran stories about it. “Experts” validated it. People repeated it around the water cooler and their social networks. And everyone talked about it […]

Would You Stay Engaged to a Cheating Fiance?

Michael Smalley unpacks his opinions if this woman should stay engaged to a cheating fiance.
But we want to know your opinion, should you dump a guy who cheats on you during your engagement?


Why having a divorce party is like celebrating a miscarriage

Apart, perhaps, from death, is there anything more painful than divorce?
Years before a marriage arrives at the decree absolute stage, both partners started out on a path that should, ideally, have led to a long life of shared  experiences, children, and mutual support — all underpinned by loyalty and love.
Indeed, both people felt so strongly […]

What will we think of a 70-year-old Tiger Woods?

Let’s fast-forward on Tiger Woods.
Let’s say it’s 2045 and Woods, not Jack Nicklaus, is approaching a 70th birthday.

Let’s say Elin Nordegren Woods has forgiven her husband for his many infidelities of the long ago, and they have raised a happy brood of children. Let’s say they have grown old together as doting grandparents with a […]

Mapping Out a Prenup

Mapping out a pre-nuptial agreement is never particularly romantic. But it can be especially tricky when children from previous relationships are involved. Winnipeg-based engineer John Lang found this out the hard way. When Lang (not his real name) married his second wife 22 years ago, he wanted to guarantee that his sizable estate would be […]

Divorce Chronicles: Getting By With a Little Help From Friends

There are times in life when it’s clear just who your true friends are. One of those times, I’ve discovered, is when your marriage is on the fritz. I’m so lucky to have Charlotte*, who took a panicked call from me a few weeks ago—while she was visiting her daughter at college. And Claire*, who’s […]

Single Moms On Facebook And MySpace Warned About Pre-Schooler Pix Online

“Single mothers who put photos of their pre-school kids on their social networking homepages are creating a happy hunting ground for pedophiles.”
The warning comes from Crystal Jacquez, managing editor of Guys and, the online back grounding site designed exclusively for women.
“Single mothers almost always do it.” says, Jacquez.  “It’s not only incredibly dangerous but […]

How to Handle Post-Divorce Tweeting: Beware Of the Bitter Twitters

by Deb Mecklinger
Use the following tips to maintain grace, save face and keep your divorce out of cyberspace. When it comes to divorce, DO NOT use Twitter to:
1)  Break News: Don’t break your story with a Tweet. Instead, speak.
2)  Spread News: Be discreet and keep your story in house. This is not the time to build an […]