Divorce for Men


I came across this great post on Facebook today, a beautiful and important message by Sean Whalen that I wanted to share. Peace is always a choice…

“This is my ex wife and her husband.
Our 3 kids and their 2 kids.
Tonight they invited me over for dinner.
5 years ago she and I had to have a […]

Im Watching You Dad

I came across this beautiful and inspiring video - A must-see for any Dad (or Mom actually).
As I was watching it, I couldnt help think how important this message is especially for divorced parents.
Remember: Your child is watching you.

How Men Get Screwed in Divorce

 UPDATE: In light of the ongoing popularity of this article and the passionate opinions of my readers, I have dug up this post from the archives and re-published it. Thank you all for your comments.

I found the following article at AskMen and thought that it was time the Man’s voice was heard:
Nothing can dishonor a knight […]

Divorce is Harder on Men, Study Shows

People who have experienced a divorce are at a higher risk of depression than those who remain with their spouse, a new study indicated.
The study revealed divorced men were six times more likely to report a episode of depression, while women who underwent marital break-ups were three times more likely to do […]

Mothers-in-Law Cause of Italy’s Soaring Divorce Rate

Italy has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in marriage break-ups. The main cause bearing a high proportion of the blame? Mamma’s boys and interfering mothers-in-law.
A new poll by research institute Eures reveals that divorce happens every four minutes(!) in the country once regarded as a bastion of marriage. In 2002, Italy recorded 50,828 divorces - […]

Wanted: Post-Divorce Stories for Magazine Article

I was recently contacted by a reporter looking to do a story for the May 2007 issue of Best Life Magazine on first and second marriages, from men and women’s perspectives, and the effect of divorce on both men and women.
She is especially looking for the point of view of a man who does well […]

Duped Dads Fight Back

It was the lawyers of ancient Rome who came up with the modern definition of fatherhood: Mater semper certa est; pater est quem nuptiae demonstrant (rough translation: The mother is obvious; the father is the one she was married to when the child was born). The Romans, however, didn’t have access to genetic testing. Dylan […]