Divorce Around the World

Mothers-in-Law Cause of Italy’s Soaring Divorce Rate

Italy has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in marriage break-ups. The main cause bearing a high proportion of the blame? Mamma’s boys and interfering mothers-in-law.
A new poll by research institute Eures reveals that divorce happens every four minutes(!) in the country once regarded as a bastion of marriage. In 2002, Italy recorded 50,828 divorces - […]

Many Women Ask for Divorce to Test Their Husbands

JEDDAH - For some women divorce is the only way to end a conflict and bring a solution to their miseries no matter what the consequences may be. However, there are some women who use the threat of divorce as a final weapon to tame their husbands. Sometimes the move backfires and as the husband […]

Hezbollah Causes Harmony in the Israeli Home?

Divorce rates are down in northern Israel, apparently as a result of the Lebanon war. According to data issued by Israel’s rabbinical courts, there were 18 percent fewer divorces during 2006 in communities shelled by Hezbollah during last summer’s 34-day conflict compared to the previous year, despite an overall increase of 3.8 percent in the […]

Divorce Boom Hits Again. This Time - Moscow.

Moscow saw a four percent rise in the divorce rate last year, with more than 45,000 couples deciding to untie the marriage knot, an official with the Russian capital’s registry office said Friday.
“That is an amazing figure,” said Tatiana Ushakova. “We have not registered so many divorces in at least five years.”
She said Moscow experienced […]

January 8th is Britian’s Divorce Day

Photo courtesy of BBC
According to a new study, more Britons will initiate divorce proceedings today than on any other day of the year. A survey of 100 divorce lawyers by the website insidedivorce.com found that Christmas was often the final nail in the marital coffin, leading to an increase in the number of people instructing […]

Man Forced to Divorce for Shouting “Divorce”

This is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot believe people actually live like this: Take a look at this story I just read on the net:
In a fit of alcohol-fuelled anger, Bihar-resident Akhtar shouted “talaq” (divorce) three times at his wife during an argument, which was overheard by neighbours.
The result? He was forcibly separated from his wife […]

China’s One-Child Policy Causes Divorce Boom

Photo courtesy of EHP
When China enforced a “one child only” policy in the early 1980’s to address its over-population problem, little did they know that they would opening their doors to a new problem: Divorce. A recent study by the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences has revealed that couples, who grew up as ‘only children’ […]