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Would You Stay Engaged to a Cheating Fiance?

Michael Smalley unpacks his opinions if this woman should stay engaged to a cheating fiance.
But we want to know your opinion, should you dump a guy who cheats on you during your engagement?


Changing Fidelity Norms?

Infidelity dissected: New research on why people cheat
The probability of someone cheating during the course of a relationship varies between 40 and 76 percent. “It’s very high,” says Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier, PhD student at the Université de Montréal’s Department of Psychology.
“These numbers indicate that even if we get married with the best […]

Suspect your Spouse is Cheating? Get a Parrot.

If I didn’t read about it in three different cases, I would have never believed it. Apparently over history, the pet parrot has been a key witness in proving unfaithfulness and abuse in marriage:
November 19, 1937: According to the LA Times, Mr. James J. Reynolds wanted to put his parrot on the stand to testify […]

Darn Celebrity Divorces of 2006 - The Complete Guide

2006 has been a busy year for Hollywood divorce lawyers. In fact, it has been the busiest year ever in Hollywood history. Here is my summary of the biggest darn hollywood divorce scandals of 2006. Enjoy:

Carmen Electra | Dave Navarro

Photo courtesy of BBC Music It was fun while it lasted but Carmen Electra filed […]

10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Courtesy of Dr. Reena Sommer
Finding out that your spouse has cheated on you usually comes as a huge surprise and shock. In fact, most people are caught completely off guard when they discover that their spouse is having an extramarital affair. Even when people readily acknowledge that their marriage or relationship is unsatisfying and in […]

Snoop Dogg Reveals What Almost Caused him to Divorce

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone
Snoop recently revealed what almost caused his marriage to fall apart back in 2004. The rapper says he took his family for granted and was having too much fun being the king of a sex gang. (Apparently that does not do a marriage good.) The artist says he was involved in […]

Nosy Husband’s Tracking Device leads to Bomb Scare

Photo courtesy of Reform
Gainesville, Florida - A suspicious-looking small black object was found attached to the bottom of a woman’s Jeep and prompted an evacuation of a three-square block area last Friday. A temporary shelter was set up at the Queen of Peace Church to house the 45 frightened people who had been evacuated, […]