New York Times Pisses Off Conservatives with its Talk of Single Women

Credit to le divorce for the following post:

The New York Times published a story last week about how 51% of American women are now living without a spouse:

William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, a research group in Washington, described the shift as “a clear tipping point, reflecting the culmination of post-1960 trends associated with greater independence and more flexible lifestyles for women.”

“For better or worse, women are less dependent on men or the institution of marriage,” Dr. Frey said. “Younger women understand this better, and are preparing to live longer parts of their lives alone or with nonmarried partners. For many older boomer and senior women, the institution of marriage did not hold the promise they might have hoped for, growing up in an ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ era.”

This apparently did not sit well with conservatives, who immediately accused the New York Times of lying. The National Review called it “cheerleading for divorce.” Rush Limbaugh claims the article is an example of “another far, left-wing, extremist agenda, i.e., the redefinition of a family, the redefinition of traditional family….”

The problem is that for many people the family has been redefined whether they wanted it to be or not. Why are we as a society so threatened by this? So what if the family is redefined?

Instead of attacking the messenger, we should be focused on making sure families- regardless of their structure - work in the best interest of their members.

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I feel so bad that I have not been around to your blog!!!! I am just stopping by to wish you and yours and Happy Easter!!!

This is how socialism plans on ruining America and the Constitution. They empower minorities and women with socialist values of the haves and the have not’s. They tell these groups to take from one group and give to another.

Then, to create the most amount of social confusion, they empower women over men in custody issues, and then allow women to cut their children of from their fathers.

Hence we now see that 85% of criminals, hookers and strippers all come from female headed households!

Remember, before women voted the tax rate was 1%, and the divorce rate was 3%! It looks like we knew what we were doing back then! Our basic needs were met. The woman needed the man for support, food and protection, and the man needed the woman for companionship, a family, a home, and something to live and die for!

Feminism took that from women, and men. They told women they needed to work to feel fulfilled and that being a mother was for suckers. Now, after watching two generations psychologically sterilized by two generations of feminism, we can officially say that women are now cold, love starved, and in general barren. We can now see that a huge 10% of women now take seritonian booster in the form of legalized heroin, or anti depressants.

Feminism has pulverized America! Communism said they would get us one way, or another, didn’t they! We may have outwardly won the cold war, but the seeds of Red Babies had already been implanted into the population! They have taken root, and the now the constitution our fathers died for hangs by a thread!

To all Americans, Good luck in the Despotic New World Order Police State!

Tis’ better to die on your feet, than live anymore on our bellies!

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