Man Forced to Divorce for Shouting “Divorce”

This is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot believe people actually live like this: Take a look at this story I just read on the net:

In a fit of alcohol-fuelled anger, Bihar-resident Akhtar shouted “talaq” (divorce) three times at his wife during an argument, which was overheard by neighbours.

The result? He was forcibly separated from his wife Sakina Khatoon and their children and the couple is being forced to divorce against their wishes. While Akhtar and his wife say they want to stay together and have no problems with each other, the local maulvis (Muslim clerics) have decreed them to be divorced.

“He said it in a drunker stupor. We want to stay together but the society won’t let us,” says Sakina. 

“There is no question of staying together. They will be divorced instantly,” says cleric Imanul Haque Khan.

According to Islamic law, for the duo to stay man and wife, Sakina has to marry another man, stay with him for at least four months, divorce him and then marry Akhtar again.

The future of the couple’s married life will be decided by their neighbours and maulvis, who will take a call on whether the wife stays with her man or if the children can have their father back home.

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The man better control his drinking or his mouth. Looks like a combination of the two got him (and her) in trouble. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes. Or we are destined to make them again.

darn muslims, hehehehehe

Sometimes Divorce should be that easy over here, instead of all the chinanigans (sp?) we have to go through. What do they do regarding spousal or child support?

Maybe she’ll be better off if, when in a drunken stupor, he shouts ‘divorce’… don’t you ask for what you really want when you’re drunk???? Drunken bum…

Do they get married the same way: shouting “i do” three times?

This is bullshit. This is bad advertisement for the religion of Islam. First of all just saying talaaq 3 times does not qualify in divorce. There are other conditions that need to be met for it to be valid, such as not being in an emotional frame of mind, undue influence, etc. Also, there is no rule that the wife needs to remarry and then redivorce before remarrying again. The only stipulation that upon divorce, the woman must wait for 40 days before she marries again, just so that their is no issues such as pregnancies and who the father of the child would be. Please ignore such ignorant maulvis who do not know the religion and find out for yourself what the truth is before you believe anything.

How ridiculous is THAT? In this day and age when divorce seems so easy to ‘fall’ into, it amazes me that after her husband being in a drunken stupor and them arguing, that THAT was enough foundation for the authorities to believe it was a done deal.

Hell, that was practically a weekly event in my house during my marriage…mind you, the word divorce was never uttered during our arguments, so maybe that’s the difference. And if some of what my husband used to say was heard in the same vein, then he would’ve been taken away years ago! lol

If anything, I would say it’s certainly given the couple a good shake up about what they want from each other. Well hopefully anyway.

And Abbas, don’t shoot the messenger huh? It’s good that you felt the need to comment what you say is the truth in Islamic law and we can only accept or not what you have to say…which is basically the same for the writer of this blog. They were only passing on information they came across in the media. But hey, thanks for putting the rest of the world ’straight’ on this issue!

This points out once again how happy I am to be living in this country. Insane things happen here, but nothing as nutty as this.

more christianist hate-mongoring…and lies.

ya know…these are the sorts of lies people used to tell about jews.

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