Man Divorces Wife for Lying about her Age

The court granted a divorce to a man who claims his wife lied to him about her age.

She said she was 24-years old before they got married.

After they got hitched, however, she ‘fessed up to really being 30-years old.

Darn Asian girls. Even the locals can’t tell how old they are.

A little slow on the intake, though, it took the man 10 years to figure out she wasn’t being straight with him.

Oh well, at least now she can lie about being divorced at 34 (which is waaay much better than being divorced at 40…)


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you are really funny i like your writing

I wonder if he was upset about the age difference or the fact that she lied. Either case, I don’t think it is grounds for a divorce. My Lord couples are battling bigger battles than this.

Well, I can understand the point. A relationship which is supposed be based on trust. If the foundations are made of lies how can it last long. Not everyone feels comfortable and willing to marry an older lady.
I am also a victim of similar lie. I never wanted to marry an older lady. But the my wife lied to me that she is 27 (same age as me) while she was actually 34 years old. Now that her lie is exposed. I want to divorce her too. I find absolutely no point and reason to be with such a liar and a lady who is 7 years older than me.

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