Life is Short. Get a Divorce.

Life is short. Get a divorce.

A racy billboard recommending that couples get divorced is raising eyebrows in Chicago.

The advertisement shows close-ups of a woman’s and a man’s chests and says: “Life’s short. Get a divorce.”

It’s located in an area of the Windy City known for its singles’ hangouts that’s often referred to as the “Viagra Triangle.”

The attorney who put up the billboard said she just wants to make people think.

“The message really is that life is very, very short and you need to be honest with yourself and have some personal integrity,” said divorce attorney Corri Fetman. “And if you’re unhappy — you truly are unhappy — then take some action and do something about it.”

But other attorneys said the billboard is disrespectful to their profession.

“Lawyers have a bad name in our society to begin with,” said Karen McNulty of the Women’s Bar Association Of Illinois. “I think it really undignifies lawyers and community.”

Divorce attorney Mike Berger agreed. “This makes light of the entire situation. In fact, it promotes divorce,” he said.

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Life is short. Buy a hooker.

Nothing sillier than lawyers getting ethically righteous… Of course advertise that divorce can be a positive, progressive option. Curiously, a lot of marriage and family therapists are also trained to consider their jobs to be all about keeping the couple together, when in fact, the best counseling might be to help them separate and get on with this short, sweet life.


I am in favor of 10 yrs marriages.

The reason is that one of the factors that cause couples to divorce is boredom with each other.

Living, eating, drinking, sleeping, having sex and being with the same person all your life in the same house is not easy because it is boring.

Even being in a prison is better than it.

In prison you are not forced be with the same person all your life.

Instead of couples marrying for life, they could marry for 10 yrs and then keep re-newing the marriage as long as they are still in love and desire to continue being couples.

Otherwise, at anytime after 10 yrs, they would be free to go their own ways and move in life with different partners.

This would reduce the pain and agony of some of the divorces, because it would be mutually agreed to and understood before the marriage.

Ikey Benney

i would like to say why even get a divorce relly i mean isnt it pointless havent you got enough headaces in your life why nead another when you can just be happy together and divorce is the worst if you have kids it destroyes them and most ned up with a messed up life becuase you parents couldent work things out they have to suffer


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