Islam Respecting the Ladies Again: Divorce By Text Message

Muslim authorities in Dubai have decided to mold Sharia law to fit with 21 modern times.

Wow, you say… Could they finally be equalizing women’s rights, or stopping brutal mutilation as a means of punishment, or maybe even enacting free speech?

Not so much… They’ve decided that tradition can be merged with technology by allowing a man to divorce his wife by cellular text messaging or SMS.

Great, huh? What a peaceful, respectful, liberating religion. Riiiiight.

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You have some nerve…your ignorance makes me feel sorry for you. READ..Islam gives women rights equal to men…unlike many other religions…its cultures that put so many restrictions on women. By the way I am a Muslim woman.

fuck you bastered
you son of thousand fathers,
dont you know how to respect all the religions.

lean & understand the importance of religions which only keep you away from all inhuman acts
understand you mother fucker……..

I think the point this article is trying to make is that why can’t a woman do likewise, and divorce her husband via text messages?

I agree however, it is unfairly picking on the UAE and Islam, when it’s Saudi Arabia who ban women from driving and having a job, and certain smaller nations where Female Genital Mutilation is carried out. Both are either extreame interpretations if scripture OR culture. And to contrast that, some extreame interpretations of the Bible forbit people who have glasses from being ministers, accepting blood transfusions, that gays are an “abomination”, and abortions outright.

I think Mubashir’s comment is out of line however. Insulting people and swearing is not the way to press a point.

This Muslim ass holes will never change saudi arabs Burkha for women European suits for men
Fuck this Islam and Muslim
In the name of allaha who is ruling mulls

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