How to Throw a Divorce Party

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Shanna Moakler makes the best of her divorce from Travis Barker What was once considered a time of sadness or even embarrassment, some celebrities are choosing a more upbeat approach, rejoicing with friends and even holding “divorce parties” to celebrate new beginnings. A guide to divorce in 2006:

Learn from the Best

Shanna Moakler, Former Meet the Barkers star and Dancing With the Stars contestant, increased awareness of such parties when she held one, complete with a three-layer cake featuring a knife-wielding bride and bloodied groom, earlier this month at the Bellagio’s Light Nightclub in Las Vegas. “I’ve been to past friends’ divorce parties so I’m not the first person (to have one),” she told PEOPLE. “I’m not groundbreaking or anything. I’m really doing it for myself to have closure and celebrate being single again and start a new chapter in my life.”

Hire a Party Planner

But apparently divorce parties are not just for celebs anymore. Christine Gallagher, author of The Woman’s Book of Divorce and divorce party planner, says increased interest in divorce parties is based in part on a need for companionship during crisis.

“For most major life events we have some sort of ritual or ceremony or gathering to help us through it,” Gallagher said. “With divorce, people are kind of on their own. It can be really depressing. A divorce party can be a very primitive way to gather around and help the person through what is a horrible time.” According to Gallagher, parties can range from small gatherings on the day the divorce is final to raucous events featuring playlists with songs like I Will Survive and signature drinks like “marriage on the rocks.” “I’ve heard of people spending as much as they did on their wedding,” Gallagher said.

Rent a Hearse

Peggy Savant, the owner of Party Hearse which offers “eternally memorable” hearse rentals, has also been surprised by the inquiries for divorce-party transportation. One of her client’s, Ed, is already preparing for his upcoming divorce. “It’s kind of the death of this marriage, the death of this part of my life,” said Ed, asking that his last name not be used to prevent his children from learning about the party. “I’m somewhat conflicted, because it’s not something to be happy about. It’s an event in somebody’s life, but at the same time it’s something that’s happened and you make the best of it. It’s a new start.”

Gallagher said she often hears from critics who are angered by the concept of divorce parties. She said that while the parties are not for everyone, they can be helpful for people in need of closure.

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I’m throwing one of these parties for a friend of mine. Where can I find a cake topper like this????

I just found a website that has a gift called the Divorced Diva! It’s a riot, it has all the perfect items for a divorcee, even a “mobile intimacy kit” in other words a vibrator for the girl on the run. This site is cool, it also has themed events in a bag with great items, not cheap throw away stuff.

I NEED THAT CAKE TOPPER!!!! Where can I find it?

Events like this just point to the reason this country is going in the direction it is. What should be private mourning at the end of a relationship is now celebrated with new partners for the wife and anti-male festivities.

Joseph sounds like a douche :)

Great article. lots of good info. The hearse rental is an amazing idea! i wonder if they offer it in my area.

The most ridiculous thing I saw.

I think it is a very good point that people celebrate every other aspect of their lives, even funerals have a party of sorts. I am gutted to be getting divorced however, i want a divorce party to ensure it isnt a day i just sit at home crying! I’ll be a room with al my friends and feeling very loved, ther’s nothing wrong with that and maybe the men should stop moaning about them and have one themselves! x

I’m throwing a divorce party for a friend, and I made my own cake topper. I bought a “groom” figure from a wholesale cake supply company, and made the bride be Jabba the Hutt (his ex is BIG, to say the least).

Just want to know where I can find that topper. I have been looking high and low for it and can’t find it. I am throwing a divorce party.

It seems like there are a lot of folks looking for that cake topper including me but I still haven’t seen an answer. Is there anyone out there that can tell me where I can find it?

Regarding the cake toppers, i will look into it.

But for now I found this one if anyone is interested! ;)

Please let me know where I can get that great cake topper.
What a riot. I am throwing a divorce party for a very dear friend
of mine.


The Shanna Moakler cake and topper were custom made for her and was edible so you can’t buy one.

I recently made a Divorce cake for a friend and used a cake topper made by Wilton of the bride dragging the groom- when separated at the hands it looks like the bride pushed the groom off the cake.

Below is a link to my cake if anyone wants to check it out. It is raising quite a stir at the cake site!

Correction to my previous post- the bride is not dragging the groom but rather snatching at him from behind with arms out- This is the wilton cake topper used :

Here’s the latest twist for a relationship finale!

they should make one with the husband’s whore, so i can have the cake made for him

Tell us about your divorce party or ask us any questions.

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