Heather Mills Seeks Divorce Revenge Through Animation?

paul heather divorce revengeAccording to The Sunday Mirror, Heather Mills is planning for her revenge upon Paul and his progeny to take the form of an animated cartoon. She has reportedly set up a production company, Raspberry Fields (Do you see what she did there?) in order to bring the oh-so-wittly-titled cartoon sitcom The McFartneys to the world.

They say “the former Beatle would be portrayed as a flatulent and miserly cannabis-smoker and his daughter Stella as a control-freak with a grudge against Heather - while Heather herself is made out to be a homemaker struggling to juggle family life with her career.” Of course, the proposed series is compared to both The Simpsons and South Park.

The newspaper also mentions that Mills registered a number of McFartney related websites. If you’re up for a bit of cybersquatting, however, note that .us, .ws, .cc and .tv addresses are still available at the time of writing.

A source told the newspaper: “This shows the lengths Heather Mills will go to in her attempts to blacken Paul’s name.”

“She’s saying the series will expose everything that has gone on and goes on in the McCartney family, all under the guise of the cartoon characters. But most of it has been dreamed up and cast from her skewed imagination.”

The newspaper claims Heather has been speaking to several US TV companies about the proposals, set up a production company to make the show (Raspberry Fields Productions) and looking at the show reels of a number of animators. The source continued: “Her back-up, if no one will take it, is to produce it for the internet, because she knows that even if the networks are too afraid to go up against Paul, people will tune in to it. She’s looking at the work of different animators. The companies she’s been looking at don’t know it’s for her at the moment, or what the project is.”

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Has she gone mental? She isn’t doing herself ANY favours.

I’m sorry anyone who will be getting millions and millions and millions and more millions of pounds/euros/dollars isn’t really entitled to any sort of “revenge”

As far as her plans go, she better make sure she doesn’t pass the fair-use/satire line. She could be facing a lawsuit otherwise, possibly loosing some of those 10’s-100’s of millions of dollars

Paul, Paul, Paul. Why did you ever marry this biotch?

I think she needs to get over it. Why hurt people when the saying says what comes around goes around. She will feel hurt in the end.

wait a minute … let me get this straight. if it’s the McFartneys then that makes her Heather Mills McFartney and her daughter is Beatrice mcFartney. i always knew she wasn’t the brightest person in the world.

Whats the name of the animation studio? I need a job badly!

How childish. LOL!!! Time to do some growing up, hun, you have a baby to take care of…time to stop being a baby yourself!!! Don’t you realize that you will never change our opinion of Paul McCartney by trying to mock him in a tasteless cartoon! In the public eye, he is a God…and it doesn’t matter what you say about him, that will never change! He has far to many fallowers, and by doing this to him and his family, instead of trying to make people understand your situation, you will only outrage about 65% of the worlds population! I don’t know…I sure wouldn’t want that many people after ME!!! That’s far to many people to contend with, hun! I think it’s in your best interest to just DROP IT ALREADY!!! We’re not interested in your self pity story!!! Just a little note, I took a pole, just for fun in my home town! It was titled, ” Who are you rooting for?” Then I put two columns, one side said, Heather Mills, and the other side said, Paul McCartney. I made 100 copies, and posted them all over town. The pole did better then I thought it would. 738 people voted for Heather, and 4,651 people voted for Paul McCartney!!! Just a word to the wise, don’t do it Heather!!! You don’t realize what your up against. It really is sad that you would be willing to put your babys life at risk, for your own personal gain and revenge!!! Mother of the year!!!

That’s the problem! No-one will believe Heather even if she’s proved right in the end. I won’t make up my mind ’till I’ve read her side of the story.

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