Give Your Wedding Ring the Burial it Deserves

wedding-ring-coffin.jpgI was just notified of a new product for divorced woman called the Wedding Ring Coffin. From their press release:

The Wedding Ring Coffin is a new and innovative product now being offered by Jist Enterprises, LLC. The Wedding Ring Coffin has been designed to give the millions of divorced women and men an ideal, final resting place for their wedding rings.

When the marriage is over, what happens to the wedding ring? Until now, millions of wedding rings have been banished to remote corners of sock and underwear drawers.

The Wedding Ring Coffin is a perfect place to keep a wedding ring that will no longer be worn. Although it’s meant to be a humorous gift, the Wedding Ring Coffin also helps to bring closure to the relationship.

For additional information on the Wedding Ring Coffin, visit

The press release got me wondering: What did you guys do with YOUR wedding ring? Share your stories or suggestions!

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No, no, no. Just smelt it down and make beatiful earrings, or a pendant for a bracelet. Use the ring. Transform the ring. Wear the ring proudly!

Vic….you don’t have to keep the ring in the Wedding Ring Coffin forever. This is a great gift to give someone who has gone through a divorce. They can “close the lid” on this chapter of their lives, then move on to a new tomorrow. A person can still open the coffin later and melt down the ring, of course only after an appropriate mourning period.

Here’s another option, how about tradein?

My son bought a huge diamond ring for his fiance. He shared how she kept wanting a bigger and bigger diamond of the ones they were shown. they settled on a six thousand dollar ring. It was a streach but he thought my Dad bought my mother one diamond after they were married and she has never changed it my wife will do the same. Then she convinced him that her friends couldn’t tell if it was a wedding ring or not, so she had him add a wrap with ten dimonds he already had.

The mounting alone was three thousand dollars. This ring has been apraised at ten thousand dollars. It is the most gaughty thing I have ever seen. A real cut my finger in a robery temptation. I oftened feared for her safety and told my son so.

Now they are getting a divorce, and it seems that this young lady has a collection of dimond rings each one bigger than the first. I get the distinct impression that she never really loved my son, but mearly loved the things he could aford to get for her. When he limited her spending she decided to pick a fight with him leave and go to her parents house.

My son is heartbroken, and she acts as if he were a stepping stone. My advice to any youngman who is contemplating marriage be weary of a woman who is more interested in the amount of karats on her finger Than the amount of love they share together. A dimond maybe forever, but true love now a days may not be. If a younglady makes to much of an issue of the size of the diamond on her finger you might want to step back, and make another apraisal of the relationship you share.

I wish all of those getting married well, and hope none of you ever face the heartache we are facing right now.

In this case I feel the ring should be returned to my son for all the arguments they have had over the stupid ring. For all the times she flung it across the room like it was costume jewlery, and for all the pain it cost him.


May I suggest you check this website, it has some case law citations regarding engagement ring possession after breaking an engagement.

Your son could actually consult a lawyer and perhaps successfully fight to get HIS ring returned! Good luck!

sell them to help pay for an attorney

I had a tungsten carbide ring that I purchased because it was extremely scratch resistant and would last as long as I thought my marriage would. Unfortunately, that black widow had another idea when she cheated on me (for 4 years while I worked all day). She got half of my assets and pension after not working for 5+ years, having no kids, and spending me into credit card debt. That’s what I got for working my ass of at the plant every day.

The one way to destroy a tungsten carbide ring is to put it into a vice grip, and slowly squeez it until it cracks and shatters. That is just what that damn slore did to me, so the breaking of my ring felt very satisfying.

Unlike those rings in coffins, it is permanent and can never be worn again!

that’s awesome!! this burial is agr8 thing… i love it .. As i love my black tungsten ring… then i also have to get him a stand or buried… but i never used to take of my tungsten ring…

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