Divorce Rates Around the World

Check out the percentages of marriages that end up in divorce from countries around the world (courtesy of Wikipedia).

A surprising 1st place goes to Sweden (unfortunately followed by good old Uncle Sam), while an even more surprising last place can be awarded with honor to the 1.2 billion people of India.

Which brings me to the following question: Hey India, WHAT’S YOUR SECRET???


Rank Country Percent
1 Flag of India India 1.1
2 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 1.5
3 Flag of Japan Japan 1.9
4 Flag of Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia 5.0
5 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 5.0
6 Flag of Turkey Turkey 6.0
7 Flag of Armenia Armenia 6.0
8 Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia 6.6
9 Flag of Italy Italy 10.0
10 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 10.3
11 Flag of Albania Albania 10.9
12 Flag of Israel Israel 14.8
13 Flag of Spain Spain 15.2
14 Flag of Croatia Croatia 15.5
15 Flag of Greece Greece 15.7
16 Flag of Singapore Singapore 17.2
17 Flag of Poland Poland 17.2
18 Flag of Romania Romania 19.1
19 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 20.7
20 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 21.1
21 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 25.5
22 Flag of Portugal Portugal 26.2
23 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 26.9
24 Flag of Moldova Moldova 28.1
25 Flag of Latvia Latvia 34.4
26 Flag of Canada Canada 37.0
27 Flag of Hungary Hungary 37.5
28 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 38.3
29 Flag of France France 38.3
30 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 38.9
31 Flag of Germany Germany 39.4
32 Flag of Iceland Iceland 39.5
33 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 40.0
34 Flag of Norway Norway 40.4
35 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 42.6
36 Flag of Russia Russia 43.3
37 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 43.3
38 Flag of Austria Austria 43.4
39 Flag of Belgium Belgium 44.0
40 Flag of Denmark Denmark 44.5
41 Flag of Estonia Estonia 46.7
42 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 47.4
43 Flag of Finland Finland 51.2
44 Flag of Belarus Belarus 52.9
45 Flag of United States United States 54.8
46 Flag of Sweden Sweden 54.9

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India’s secret? Arranged marriages.

Sarah, it is arranged marriage. Its not as stupid as people may think. As you know India is well known for yoga, meditation, astrology.. they analyse horoscope of boy and girl. Marriage is considered only if the traits of boy and girl match. And yes, they even check the sexual compatibility…(you get the idea lol: orga** guranteed). They also see that the background of both guy and girl. Mostly both have similar cultural and financial situations. Unlike in the west where it is cool to date a gangster/thug , have mixed babies who have no identity, we still have morals and are proud of our heritage. The boy and girl talk to each other and they decide about marriage. I wont be surprised if the 1 percent divorce are of love marriages lol. Most indians hate race mixing: how many generations are destroyed by mixing? we believe in sacrifice which is much greater than love. One more thing is , the husband and wife both give their best. In the west , its more like they expect everything from the partner and the relationship fails because both dont give their best..

No secret in India, just arranged marriages. No way I’d let some man tell me what to do as in the Indian culture… no secret just fear of being sent into exile and being stoned to death…LOL… thanx but no thanx… I guess the US is just exercising their freedom of choice- Love or Leave…. peace ladies!

I would think it would be scary to have an arrange marriage, but look at India’s stats. Obviously it’s working for them. But are they happy?

Love marraige are mostly not successful!!!

Hey Kim. Indians are very happy with their partner ,some or other diffrences are obviously there, which is because two person are not identical. Reason is one can’t be happy only by living for him or her self . Happiness comes when you give your best for the person you love. Love is to sacrifice, to adjust with each other because in this world two person can’t be similar. In western countries they have misused independance. They want to live life according to them and if such attitude is present the relationship can’t go forever. So live for them whom you really love no reason you will not get the best out of that relationship. Also in India the marriages are not totally arranged by parents but they take consent of their kids.

GO INDIA! lol, who in the world would want their parents to arrange a guy to marry their daughter, without at least knowing despite loving them!

Marriage is Love, Love is marriage.

America is the fattets country as well LOL! Screw being succefull, stop feeding the fatties, feed the homeless in New York, and where the hell are the healthy families?

Anywho i’m getting into politics now

Australia isn’t up there, anyone know their divorce rates?


Annette must be an America. It’s the standard American view: All third world countries are inferior, if there is an area in which the are better than the USA, then it is a mistake or they did not genuinely earn it.

Give India credit. Sweden has a high divorce rate and I don’t find it shocking. Swedish girls have the image of being loose - this coming from a Swedish friend of mine not from stereotypes in American media as others on this board seem to rely upon. American girls and guys definitely have the image of being promiscuous.

You take a look at the traditional cultures that don’t binge drink and have as much pre-marital sex and they have the lowest divorce rates. What countries binge drink the most? Britain, Sweden and the US. I’m not sure if it’s that simple. But I, from experience, have dated an American girl who admitted to having “(with a deep breath)LOTS of experience” - I’m assuming 30 to 40 men - and don’t realize why that experience is contrary to the principle of marriage.

Here’s a bigger question? Why do American’s automatically feel the need to make blanket statements about other nations without even knowing anything about those nation? Delusional Superiority? What they’ve been thought in school? Nationalism? maybe a combination. I mean noone’s calling American girls useless sluts, except for the Canadian band The Guess Who. So keep your uneducated comments to yourself please.

Sandeep, your comment is unbacked and very racist. You ask how many generations are destroyed by race mixing? Loss of Identity etc. Bullocks. I don’t believe this. As for me am I mixed. In America no, in my parents country I come from mixed tribes.

Let’s refute your utter nonsense.
Bob Marley was mixed race. Please show me Bob Marley’s Jamaican identity crisis. Malcolm X’s maternal grandfather was white. Again, you say that this race mixing resulted in Malcolm X’s loss in cultural identity. Sandeep please feel free to support your prejudice but don’t insult people who obviously don’t have your sense of “cultural identity.”

As always please learn about what you hate, and keep your prejudice to yourself. Thank you.

Mark says: Swedish girls have the image of being loose - this coming from a Swedish friend of mine not from stereotypes in American media as others on this board seem to rely upon.

I live in Sweden and trust me, Swedish girls are some of the most conservative girls I have met. The stereotype is from the 60s, but I have lived in many countries around the world and trying to “pick up” a Swedish girl is considerably more difficult than in most other countries. Easiest place I’ve had luck picking up girls: Canada and the US

The reason for the high divorce rate in Sweden is due to a something the Swedes call: Lagom … which is a general approach to life. It roughly translates to: average. Everything is lagom, Swedes don’t like to get stressed. If there are problems in a relationship, which is normal, Swedes give up easily. They don’t fight … they just take it lagom. Hence the high divorce rate.


India’s secret is arrange marriage. I am an Indian girl, and despite being in the states for years, I still believe and want an arrange marriage. What western nations don’t understand is that every parents wants what’s best for their kids, and with that attitude in mind, they arrange thier marriage with suitable boy/girl, who is also approved by the kids to be married. Cuture and traditions also plays role into it, but at the end, the importance is given to the happiness and wellbeing of the two that are getting married. I am a modern girl, and I have a choice to marry who I want, but I still want an arrange marriage, because in my view, no one can understand me better than my parent, and unlike most western kids, Indian kids are more open with thier parents, So HUrraay to INDIA and INDIANS…

To answer your question Kim.. no Indiansare not happy in their marriage. Most indians stay in marriage inspite of being very unhappy because of social castration. A good number of them live sperately iwthout a divorce even.
and comepletely agree iwth John.

Hi All

It is Arranged Marriage and Astrology. Horoscope compatibility is strictly followed by the majority of the Indians before marriage

Arranged marriage doent mean you get forced to marry someone your parents pick out for you. It means you you marry someone you like that your parents also like, its like both of you have power of veto over a potential choice of partner- eventually you find someone or compromise to someone you both like. You dont just look at the individual but their family/upbringing/values/character/status,etc to ensure long term compatibility.

Also, in indian culture individuals dont marry each other, but families marry each other, so not just one person’s view matters. Hence, when you do get marry there is better social cohesion amongst all members of the family, and the family bonds stay strong.

So there you go that’s the secret.

Seems far more advanced than the average american western way.

I am british-nepali and have married an indian girl raised in the UK. marrying me she went agaisnt her famiyl and traditions, and the consequences have been horrific. Her family has treated me as if i were a piece of garbage for years, insulting me, callign me and my family names, etc. Now, i don’t deal with them anymore. The more i’ve come to learn about the hypocricy of the indian culture, the more I’ve become disgusted. They have very little feeling and they only care about their money. They fel superior to any other race and are so narrow-minded it makes me want to puke. The more i avoid them, the happier i and my wife are. you got lot to face from the indian spouse’s family!

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is the truth that no indian nationalist will tell you, for the truth is MUCH grimmer than what they portray. If India’s system is so great, why do women have such a low status there, much lower than my parents’ home country, Nepal? Because of strong tribal differences, prejudices, etc, India has become a mess. No wonder the peopel there are so unhappy and the women (and even good men)abused often. We Nepalis are now a part of India, with sikkim havign a nepalese majority, (and I have my own relatives living there), and yet, we’re persecuted constantly by native indians. Here I am, the same religion, race and cultural heritage as other Indians, yet my wife’s family view me as worse than the black plague! My wife and I are a happy couple who’re together today for over 10 years because we love each other. The nonsense of this makes me sick. Thank god I avid such people now. Good luck to anyone marrying an Indian.

to gurkha i agree with you indians are racist im a fijian of mostly indian, caucasian, nepalese too.lol, native fijian and bit of iranian ethnicity!!!!!!!!! they are racist towards us fijians of indian ethnicity cause we dont give damn about the caste system and we have a very mixed background also we speak differently!!!!!!!! not all are bad but alot are arrogant wish you goodluck with your wife and remember we all share the same coloured blood

misha, yes, even indo-aemricans and indo-canadians and indo-british are also discriminated against by idnians from india. thansk for ur understanding. how did u find out abouyt the hypocricy of the indian culture?

laslty misha: did u knwo that many india nfrom india view guyanese-indians, trinidadian-indians, nepalese and indians raised outside of india as vulgar and without values b/c we have nuclear families, respect women more, and are more liberal? yet, we always welcoem them and are nice to them. you’re a mix of wodnerful cultures yourself, and commend your open mind.

Someone forgot to mention how happy Indian women are with their marriages and whether or not they have to kill themselves in-order to protect the secret that they are dying from within!

There is still a huge sea of women in India suffering from inexplicable damage done to them in the name of marriage by these devils called in-laws.

Know that they suffer to an extent to keep their families intact and children safe, jeopardizing their own life. There is a filthy culture in India for maintaining the Daughter-in-laws at their feet.

I have seen so much of fear in Indian girls regards to her marriage and I was hell bent when I grew adult that marrying was not an option for my life if it was to an Indian guy!

There, it is expected that guys remain in total control of his parents and they entirely forget after marriage that this girl had a life in her past too and has dreams for her future too!

They go to her politely, asking her hand in marriage and then curb her life the next morning after marriage!

Its the truth! I also have a younger brother, but I would never even sanction or grant my parents the right to force my brother or his wife live with them or allow them to interfere with their lives. But India this is the rule and no exceptions believe me!!

Seeing my mother go through the same hell by the hands of my grandmother and my aunts, I myself don’t follow that oppressive tradition nor will I stand besides my parents for doing anything of such nature.

I pray my mother remembers how her MIL and SIL cursed her for not bearing son until 3 daughters and how they killed her entire life torturing her in many other ways.
My father only watched saying that - “Aisa hi hota hai” (This is how it happens!), for which I do not respect him till this day!

And the comments speaks of lower divorce rates in India under name of arranged marriage - then listen my mother bore it silently all 26 years of her life and till to this day! My father realized the truth after so many years - after his mother died as to how evil his own sisters have been and how his own mother was evil and selfish who kept his wings clipped so that he could never live on his own and always live with his folks. But will it bring back life of my mother? No!

I did not get married until the age of 26 which is considerably very old taking in fact my family background and society in India (next door neighbors you see!) But I did not want to get married until I found the right guy, explaining my expectations from marriage and that I am marrying him and not his entire family.

I do not wish for sons to meddle with in my old age and similarly I expect the same from him and his parents.

There is lot to live in old age too rather than meddling with your sons and DIL lives when you are old.

Talking exactly the expectations always helps.

But the typical Indian in-laws always go for the sugar-coated stuff in the beginning and poison their DIL lives later.

And anyways girls remember to get on your feet the day you are graduated and never leave your job even after your marriage.
It will help you get divorce the first day when torture from in-laws begins!
And moreover never marry a guy who lives with his folks! Its better to be living single than getting married to such an Indian guy at all!
Believe me 26 years of my un-married life were fun, even though my family’s financial background was not good!
Getting up in the morning and looking forward to work, play and learn is lot more than getting up in the day and knowing that there is going to be a constant nagging, irritation or fear.

After three years of my hard and good work I owned a flat before my marriage in my hometown and I wished to my live life like Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen who has adopted children and lives her life happily, until this guy came along.

I disliked my in-laws the day I met them - their first question when they sat on the chair of our house was whether I really owned a flat and how much was its cost. What are my talents at my job and what are my earning capabilities/capacity.

I would have rejected this guy outrightly but later, this guy spoke to me alone saying that he is marrying only for himself and would not interfere with my house decision if i wish to keep it or give it away to my parents. Many more outright/forthright talks followed between me and the guy, to whom I later said yes.
Marrying a guy or a guy’s family who only seems good outwardly is no good. Believe me girl its fake!
After marriage it did turn out true that this guy’s parents (my in-laws) were indeed cruel.
They had a case of dowry harassment and burning registered in their name filed by their elder DIL (elder brother’s case was totally hidden from us before marriage!).
But my husband guaranteed that his parents would never influence our marriage or kids so I agreed to forgive him inspite of seeing the ill-behavior of my MIL&FIL very next morning after my marriage and knowing some facts about what exactly when wrong between these people and their elder DIL!

Space would be very less to narrate all of what they had done but thanks there are laws which forbids such evil.

I only pray God to help realize duplicate and hypocrite Indians out there - that no human is meant as food or sacrifice for the other in any manner whatsoever!

So please stop using/manipulating/dictating your DIL. She has a life too!

Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics…

Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

Annette sounds like a raging American Liberal. I could either “love or leave” my ability to be with an American girl and I chose the latter. I got smart a married a Brazilian. I made this choice mainly because American women first have big problems with their weight. Next, because those women who tend to be more liberal (i.e. Annette) and have a liberal lifestyle/vision of life does not comport with the ability to support life. Gay rights, stance on abortion, divorce, etc.

American women also have a benefit in their favor not be with a man that they made a family with; if things don’t work out, they take the children and are rewarded for being involved in illegitimate behavior through the courts. The guy is smacked with a court order for child support that he might or might not be able to pay. And because of that a man who wanted to be a father, has a very difficult time doing so.

As an irresponsible person you are rewarded here in America. If you’re an illegal immigrant, everyone supports amnesty. If you don’t want to finish school and get a job, you get welfare. If you are a cheater on welfare, you draw it from many different states. You also qualify for state subsidized health care, dental, etc. Why do anything responsible like work hard in school to get a job and support a family, even through hard times? Our government actively condones and promotes illegitimacy through these programs and your end result is a woman like Annette criticizing India for their arranged marriages (or to some degree arranged). What arrogant parody. The American society, in the direction that it is going, is destined for failure.

I agree with Pallavi Gupta. Most Indian marriages are a charade like everything else in India. India is the king of 2 h’s - hypocrisy and hubris. Most Indians don’t understand what Honor means and they don’t care.

Many more Indian marriages will end in divorce even by conservative standards of genuine marriage happiness, if those in matrimony show the courage to accept that their marriage is not working, there is no real hope of it working and divorce is the only way out for both parties for a life that is at least genuine.

Tough economic conditions don’t help. I know of few marriages in my own family that others understand to be epitome of success. I wish they knew the reality. Many Indian marriages are life of quite desperation and muddling through just as its “civilization” has done for centuries.

Indian love to point to their divorce rate to suggest how robust and healthy their marriage institution is. That is India’s sophisticated hubris at work.

This is an example of why you should not trust statistics. It is equally important not to make blanket generalizations about a people based on statistics. In regards to people in India, Sweden or the United States, there are a great many people in all of those countries and it is unfair to claim all have the smae beliefs, standards, or values. I believe it can be said that every country has marriage issues. That is because marriage is hard work. It was meant to be - how else can we learn the things we need to be healthy, loving incividuals that are concerned about more than just ourselves?
Emotional divorce can be just as detrimental on children and those partners involved as physical divorce. I hope everyone is able to find a way to talk to their spouse about the things that matter most - to work through the difficulties together.
This is one American that believes in abstinence before marriage, fidelity after marriage, and making the marriage work - no matter how hard it seems. I’m lucky to be married to wonderful man with similar beliefs, however even then the work is not done.

You know some of you should be ashamed of yourselves (my namesake for example!) A lot of people here seem to be trading in stereotypes! India’s secret is not arranged marriages: it’s a society that WILL NOT ALLOW DIVORCE! Not all of these couples are happy either: when you are told there is no out your greatest motivator must be fear! Rebecca, thanks for mentioning ‘emotional divorce’. And seriously, at one time in history the countries on the bottom of the list were closer to the top too. So what does that tell you? Give India time to develop economically: the founding fathers of the USA viewed economic freedom as the gateway to personal freedom, and after 200 years they are right (so far). Go USA! Don’t believe that things can change in India- or that they already (slowly) are? Check out: http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/02/19/asia/divorce.php

These statistics are outdated. The USA divorce rate now far surpasses that of Sweden. The USA is quickly losing its moral center.

Hello my dear friends.

Why India is 1st rank?. The answer is simple. Indians dont feel to express their feelings but the others do. I dont say Indian marriages are great but they live with patiency untill they die. Of course there are good relations other than india too. The answer lies with the high & valuble thinking.

lols to gurkha how i know about this stuff about indians being racist cause there is starting to be a lot of them in australia!!!! our fijians parents are telling us neva to marry them cause of the racist stuff they think about fijians of indian origin as well as sri lankans too!!!!!!
thanx for the compliment about my racial background it was appreciated cause i firmly believe every human being blood
will always remain red!!!!!!! but its the attitude of ppl that separate us!!!!!!!

Lol, it may be fact or gossip, but arranged marriages are the secret. A lot of people think arranged marriages have zero freedom, but that’s untrue. The children have some say, but it’s not a 50/50 with the parents.
Also, yes I believe that the Indians are bound by culture, therefore it’s still taboo to divorce. There are many couples around the world who are in an unhappy marriage, but do not have the money to divorce, so they’re stuck in an awful marriage.

Scientifically speaking, chemistry really does play roles in marriages, successful or not. Pheromones (smell hormones) attract the opposite gender. There were studies somewhere that say women leave the men if they cannot stand the smell of them. Also, the “equation” for love is oxytocin and vasopressin, which are related to pheromones. The feeling of love (aka feeling good) is only releasing and forming of dopamine.

So really.. if the man doesn’t smell that bad, then the woman will accept him eventually, in a “grow-into-love” way. Many people rather have the “fall-in-love” way, though “grow-into-love” can be just as intense and passionate, as it takes a longer while to form, which means you need to know the person and understand him/her better.

Arranged marriages aren’t that bad. Though I’m not saying this is the absolute reason for India’s high ranking.

While 1.1% divorce rate can conceal the fact that some marriages aren’t happy ones, almost all 2nd generation Indians in the USA that I know have grown up with 2 parents. I think that is saying something positive.

While we should condemn hypocricy, abuse, etc which exists in all countries, let’s not totally poo-poo Indian society’s low divorce rate. I think Indians deserve credit for generally having stable families yet not becoming so crazy conservative like say, Saudi Arabia.

I am originally from Turkey , which is a predominantly muslim country where the conservative traditions are still maintained and of mingled with the seqular and contemporary western life style.I currently work&live in the US and before coming to the US ,when I was living in Turkey, I was not honouring arranged marriages as I was thinking it was sounding like artificially fertilized plants, there is no love no bonds in the relationship.However, 2 yrs after I came to the states, from what I have seen and noticed , I can easily say that arranged marriages are far better than
the relationships in the US which mostly ends up in divorce. If you look at the countries where the women are ultimately liberated, OVER valued, even we can say they have got more rights than the men, the divorce rates are unbelievably high whereas the rates are pretty low in the countries people still keep their traditions and women play the role in the family that she is supposed to play as well as the men do.The life style in the US and in the extremely free countries, women are so much liberated,so much over rated and overvalued that they think they are superior to men , and for some reason the submissive oriented male look alike -but not a real man indeed- are accepting this. Women in this country, can act and behave in whatever way they want to behave without being exposed to societies’ criticism. It doesnt necessarily have to be arranged marriages, you can meet your wife by yourself. But to prevent the contamination of our lives, these countries have to realize at what mistake they are and it is deteriorating as they give more and more freedom to women. Dont forget , the more men they become together with, the harder for a woman to be in a committed relationship.This is a very natural outcome of our human features. These countries have to go back to their customs and traditions.Otherweise this world is going to be tainted with their dirty minded , innocence depriving , running after more freedom and insatiable women.

People, let’s not forget that socieities like of Chrisitnas in Nigeria, Italy, suriname, the Phillipines, Armenia, Guyanaese-hindu Indians, Trinidadian-hindu Indians,Georgia, Arab Christians. etc also have love marriages, NOT arranged marriages, but have low divorce rates. Thus, LOVE marriage socieites CAN and DO have low divorce rates too.

Mexicans and Polish people still have low divorce rates too, so that further refutes the claim that love marriage socieites have high divorce rates. Lastly, in societies wheree you can’t chooser your own spouse(and are limitied to your parents’ chocie), you can’t choose to get a divorce either. Moreover, their definition of a ‘happy’ marriage differs from a western one too. In arranged marriages, they don’t expect each other to be that probable combination of best friend, lover, companion, etc. They feel that as long as the marriage has complementary and dependibility roles like raising the children, paying the bills, sharing household chores, taking care of the elders, etc. fulfilled, they don’t really see the need for a strong emotional/intimate connection with their spouse. Thus, abuse and lack of companionship may occur, but they have to deal with it, b/c to them/ success in marriage and happiness doesn’t equate that heavily on a strong emphasis of beign best freinds, companions, lovers, etc. So, it’s very similar to 2 roommates living together. Thus, they’re often cheating themselves and their kids and this can lead to a loss of intimacy, loss of friendships, loss of love i nthe romantic, emotional and sexual sense, and even loss of trust. all these thigns need to be factored into account too, when looking at their divorce rates. lastly, i nthis society, the girl and boy live in the same hosue as his parents, so the in-laws interfere and oversee them all the time, so it’s not really a nuclear family situation of husband and wfe, but extended family type thing, and the spouses is seen as just any regular family member,(like sister, brother, cousin, etc), not something so much more. Don’t believe statistics, for they can be VERY deceptive.

misha, i agree. avoid indians, unless you’re absolutely sure they’re true to you. My experience with their fmailies and society shows how close midned they can be. true, racism is in all cultures, but so many of them feel superior to anyone. luckily, my wife is the sweetest, kindest most loving girl you can get.

Misha, even one indian girls born and raised in the US said that we Neplai men drink, smoke and cheat, and leave our women, when she herself has never met a nepali man! sick!!! I don’t blame Fijan parents for advising agaisnt marrying Indians.

To Pravin:
“Indians are very happy with their partner” - ALL 1.2 billion? Really? Don’t forget to read Gurkha’s comments, too.

To Sandeep:
“the husband and wife both give their best. In the west , its more like they expect everything from the partner and the relationship fails because both dont give their best.”

I agree, Sandeep, that we should not expect everything from our partner - if both give their best that is the best way.

But I do NOT think this is bound to some cultures or excluded from others - this happens only in good marriages around the world.

I equally disagree VERY MUCH with this statement: “in the west where it is cool to date a gangster/thug , have mixed babies who have no identity, we still have morals and are proud of our heritage.” I am western and my husband and I have morals, I can assure you. I personally know no-one who thinks it’s cool to date a gangster - this happens only in music videos I’m afraid…

suzzane, you are foolish with your statement that all 1.2 billion indians are happy with their marraiges.
1.2 billion also comprises children and old people as wellas many in betweeen.
Arranged marraiges also means iintroduction and not forced.
I would wonder how many people in the west who are single, would have loved to have a freind introduce them to some one who might have been the one for them.
The term arranged marraige is not entirely correct, and carries a lot of connotations that are not true.
There are a great many indians whoare married and are happy in their marraiges, and many women do not take orders fromt heir husbands. All this stuff is more to do with muslim take over of yournations, as they keep their women under tight control, and you don’t see them mixing out, they will have their racialintegrity and your will be destroyed, wonder what your western liberalism will say and deal with a majority muslilm population that will not even pay lip service to your ideas. Also, many blacks are muslim, you will be ending as a muslim nation, with their way of life, see what you life will be like then, and what happens to you.

As a person of Indian origin, the secret to our low divorce rate is simple - JUST DON’T DO IT! IT’S NOT AN OPTION!

It’s just that simple. It’s not that we Indian people always get along with our spouses or that things are always rosy - rather we realize that no matter what happens, we have to try and stay together.

When I took my wife’s hand and walked around the fire seven times in our Hindu wedding, I made her a sacred promise to stay with her forever and that’s how all Indian men (and women) feel.

Arranged marriage does exist, and for many people this is perfectly good. But many people also enter arranged marriage at their parents demand, rather than of their own accord. They may also stay in this marriage, happy or not, for the same reason.

But also, India views divorce as a very big cultural taboo.. additionally, unfortunately, in a lot of places, women do not have to choice to leave their husbands in case of abuse, etc, because in my places (such as village or poor and middle classes in metro areas) women either can’t get a job, don’t have an education, or it is unsafe for a woman to be alone. In urban places, and among educated people, this may not be the same case, but unfortunately, in many places women just do not have the choice to be an unmarried/divorced woman and survive socially or materially.

Well Indian secret lies in its hypocrisy…. Indian try hard to defend this stone age tradition of “Arranged Marriages” by showing the amount of divorce rate…. In reality, the society here outcasts the divorced women, and parents and relatives blackmail you emotionally… I loved a women who belongs to a different caste, but her parents did not agree to get her married to me… castism, racism, and good amount of stupidity still exists in India… There is an urgent need of paradigm shift in the Indian mindset….

Well Arranged marriages are the tradition of stone age people, parents show some shoddy but rich guy to their daughters and get her married to him. There is nothing that is worth picking from the Indian way of marriage, its a crude method of match making.

I loved a girl, and her parents refused to get her married to me, as I was from a different caste. Indians are the no 1 racists in the world, and somehow they think that they are the victims of racism. Group up India…

And my dear fellow Indian, stop accusing the love marriage, I believe that you never had a chance to fall in love….

Most of the Indian woman are “Rapped on every night”, as they don’t like their husbands… woman are still suppressed in both rural and urban India… they cannot make a choice of their own…. wht sense does it make to marry a stranger just because he is rich or good looking, then Arranged marriages is nothing but a business where you buy the items according to its price…

Fellow Indians, we have our own disadvantages, please do not foolishly defend our anarchic culture…. and please stop abusing people personally…

Am I the only one who sees no problem with divorce? Sweeds are happy, so are Danes other countries with high divorce rate. The problem with divorce isn’t the divorce itself, but the contempt from society, especially religous people with silly ideas about sex, virgins and all those things.

Try reading this and imagine a world where people have kids, love their spouse and leave if they don’t. What’s so bad about that?: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/may/18/iceland

Most comments here are mistaken. Personal anecdotes are useless, it could go either way.

An Indian Arranged marriage 90% of the time means an “introduction”. Guys and girls are usually given a set of photos to look at, and then the meet up to see if there is chemistry and if they like each other.

There is nothing “arranged” about it. It’s called “match-making”.

Japan Also has low divorce rate…they don’t have “arranged” marriages. But we are not spouting out nonsense to find justifications on why its so low. Truly pathetic.

Correlation is not causation. Stop trying to find an excuse to belittle other cultures if they surpass you in any statistic. Take it for what its worth, and no more.

Most indians don’t have premarital sex which contributes towards a happier marriage.
Also, while i agree that in some marriages women don’t leave there husband because of social stigma, but that is only a small percentage. The real reason for the low divorce rate is that most Indians truly believe in the institution of marriage and are less likely to have affairs.

Ha ha.. By most of the above comments Western Policy clearly exposed here..

If USA gets good place in stats then its mean USA is Great !!
If a third world gets good in stats then its means they are stupid, no freedom, slaves..etc…etc - What a great people you all

To all the First world countries ..its not mean you all are the best human beings in world as you are rich …

Open your eyes you have things to learn from third world countries also.

India is not a muslim country to push its people to do what its like. India is the biggest democracy in the world, you first understand its culture

1. Parents do all the back ground check up of the family and the guy or girl to find their as much as possible. They will just introduce few potential partners only they wont force you.

2. If we like then only you get married other wise they will find other suitable partner for you.

3. We all not addicted to sex as like western… girls are like god for us…they are the one who raise the family until her death.

4. Don’t take some examples from indian slums and show that as a result. Some more India is not slum country as like you seen in western movies and news.

5. “Love or Leave” ??? WTF ? you even get quarrel with your parents frequently…imagine if you get a chance to divorce you parents …then almost 90% of the kids will do that. So why you are not doing it ? Because unhappiness in a relationship is very common. As you think you are super human and feel proud to divorce you rate get increased.

6. In india if we get unhappy with the partner we will tolerate and will try to solve it…if its gets worst then some time parents will help to solve it… but we dont think our slef to get separated … we dont take it as an option.. because we take marriage as a one time event…and partner is like our parents that should not be changed..

7. We love and live for our partner…and work for them and even ready to die for them..that is the real name of LOVE..

8. But in your life style… partner is just for sex until you get tired.. don’t forget indians are not forgetting sex we are the one who wrote kama sutra… for us Sex is with love only.

Collusion: We Indians may be not so intelligent like you all in finding ways to earn money and getting rich. But our life is more meaningful then you all…because our culture build for that. If you don’t believe.. see the world Happiness Index…india is more happy than the first world countries.

I was very interested in this, as I have noticed considerable numbers of my work collegues are now divorced, some several times over unfortunately.

In what is hopefully a non-biased, nor prejudiced analysis, I would like to say the following:

Most of you will note at some stage in all cultures,(yes I know there are some exceptions, but I’m talking about the western and some asian based ones), women weren’t allowed to OWN property. They could run it but not own it.

Majority of properties were owned and run by males.
So marriage was a process where a female could gain personal/physical and financial security.

Someone,(read psychologists working for large corporations??) , noticing that women were the ones spending most of the money, (via shopping for the family and becoming house proud etc), decided that they should be freed from this system, for their own benefit, of course.

The rise of equality, gave women the opportunties to work and have an income, AND the CHOICE, once financially independant, to take on a partner should they wish , and these days that extends to male/female or both in the more open minded types.

Now I have compressed about 200 years of data into the above paragraph, mainly from movies, news segments etc.

So, really the only reason anyone actually gets married is either due to chemical reactions that cause attraction, (love), financial security or social/parental pressure.

The only book I can think of right now is “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, but there are many others that cover why most of these processes take place but aren’t necessarily noticed on a regular basis because it’s a “romance killer”.

However, the romance/fairplay always seem to go awol when divorce and propety settlements kick-in. Due to incompatiblities in finances, bedroom activities or general personality disorders and expectations.

So, if everyone was born equal financially, (not actually possible because the system isn’t designed that way), no-one would actually bother about marriage, (which is bascially a contract of cross ownership of people and assets), but how to complain about something else that doesn’t seem to meet their expectations.

All power to the girls, but really a co-operative attitude is what is really required and getting to know each other on a fair and equal ground without “games” is probably the best way to meet someone you will have a longterm relationship with. This is of course regardless of whether ownership paper are signed or not.

Oh, and I almost forgot, to perpetuate the human race, and hopefully enjoy yourself in the process of creation. :-)
Also, it’s nice to have someone to act the fool with as you get older. :-)

Hope all that made some sense, best wishes to all,

well duuh you people cant just realize that divorce is good for humanity

Secret of India is we do not give enough rights, exposure and information to our woman and keep them busy in the kitchen or with the kids while we are making love out side. We Indians are one of the most abusive husbands in the world I suppose. We can not love a woman as everyone knows we do not have love marriage in our system bcoz loving another human being is against our culture. People say…we are culturally diversified but Heyyyy we are multiple nations living within one border..we do not marry out side our religion and caste Bcoz for us caste and religion are more important than humanity. We torture our women for not cooking food on time, how many times do we take our women out to eat or watch movies or involve in our kid’s daily activities…everything is a woman’s job….and that the secret of India.

Look at the United States! Our divorce rate is embarrassing! Certainly a nation that is losing it way, the good ol’ USA may be on the decline as a world power in 10 years or so. Very sad to see.

Indian couples have only 1.1% divorce.Its about understanding ,caring nature.Be it arranged marriage or love marriage Indian relations last longer.

Why do women file for divorce twice as often as men? Because of our no-fault divorce laws and courts which almost always confer upon women child custody, child support and other financial incentives. If a women stays at home and contributes no financial income she gets half of the net worth of the couple plus child support, etc. Quite an incentive for women to divorce rather than try to save the marriage if they are the least bit unhappy about any aspect of the relationship.

I have known several such cases, including my own, where there was no abuse involved. Fortunately in my own case the children were older so child support did not enter into the equation. My former wife wanted very much to remain on friendly terms with me and even fired her first attorney, who wanted to take me for everything possible.

No-fault was originally instituted by the Bolsheviks after the Russian Revolution. It was a sad day when the US adopted the same social legislation, promoted by radical feminists. I am sure the divorce rate in t he US would be much lower if no fault divorce laws were repealed. As it stands, no fault divorce makes marriage a no-win situation for men and a can’t lose situation for women.

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