Divorce is Harder on Men, Study Shows

People who have experienced a divorce are at a higher risk of depression than those who remain with their spouse, a new study indicated.

The study revealed divorced men were six times more likely to report a episode of depression, while women who underwent marital break-ups were three times more likely to do so.

Jennifer Tipper, with the Vanier Institute of the Family, said women might have an easier time coping with divorce because they are typically more open with their feelings.

“Women tend to get together and talk about what’s going on at home and typically, men don’t have those same relationships,” she said. She added women tend to have a stronger support system with friends, family and in some cases, a therapist.

The study also found children play a big role in male depression.

Tipper said the reason for this is that in a lot of divorce cases, younger kids tend to live with their mother for the majority of the time.

However, she said divorce is difficult for both men and women, since both have to learn how to live alone again.

“(It’s) such a tremendously critical transition in their life. There’s no question that the emotional pressure on (them) is going to be huge,” she said.

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my ex married his lover 9 mo. ago, after a 2 yr. affair. They are now divorcing. He is now having to face the realities of divorce. This article was clear as to what he will now have to face, another reality, the reality of life as a single person.

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