Darn Celebrity Divorces of 2006 - The Complete Guide

2006 has been a busy year for Hollywood divorce lawyers. In fact, it has been the busiest year ever in Hollywood history. Here is my summary of the biggest darn hollywood divorce scandals of 2006. Enjoy:

carmen-electra-dave-navarro-divorce.jpg Photo courtesy of BBC Music It was fun while it lasted but Carmen Electra filed for divorce from Dave Navarro citing irreconcilable differences. It was said that Electra requested their assets be divided as specified in their prenuptial agreement and that the court not award spousal support to either party. This break up seemed surprising at first, sources said it had to do with Navarro’s hectic schedule, but everything became clear when Dave traded in the former playboy model with a similar used model, porn-star Jenna Jameson. Carmen and Dave have no children.

chris-evert-andy-mill-divorce.jpg Photo courtesy of Tennis Roundup Tennis star Chris Evert divorced her second husband, ex-Olympic skier Andy Mill. Citing irreconcilable differences, Evert, 51, won custody of their three sons and kept the couple’s $2.8 million home in suburban Boca Raton, while Mill, 53, was awarded cash and securities amounting to $7 million, their $4 million vacation home in Aspen, Colorado, a Porsche, and other automobiles.

pamela-anderson-kid-rock-divorce.jpgOnly four short months after their ‘married in a white bikini wedding’, Pam Anderson and Kid Rock called the whole thing off. US Weekly reported that the two were watching a private screening of her new movie Borat, until the part where Borat watches the famous Pamela Anderson sex tape with Tommy Lee. Kid Rock then stormed outside of the screening room with Pamela. “Kid stood outside screaming at Pam, calling her the worst words – slut, whore, you name it,” says the source. “It was horrible, and she was just so hurt by it.” A source close to Rock confirms the incident, saying, “Yes, he was angry. He thought it was cheap that she put something like that out there. He didn’t see the humor.” Pam then made it official when she posted these profound thoughts in her online journal: “Divorce Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately impossible.” Um, whatever that means.

sara-evans-craig-schelske-divorce.jpg Photo courtesy of 6abc Country singer and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Sara Evans filed for divorce from Craig Schelske, her husband of 13 years, father of their three children and who also - just to jack up the tabloid potential - once ran for Congress as a family-values Republican. The documents listed irreconcilable differences, inappropriate marital conduct and adultery as reasons for the breakup. If you ask me, that’s just country talk for “lyin’, drinkin’ and cheatin’”. 35-year-old Evans claimed that Schelske has photographs of himself having sex with other women, has at least 100 nude photos of himself “in a state of arousal, watched pornography on the couple’s computer and made requests online for sex with multiple partners. Schelske, of course, denied it all, and even suggested in a statement that it was Evans, not he, who strayed. Her music label, Sony BMG, then announced that Ms. Evans was dropping out of the “Dancing with the Stars” competition since she felt it was in her children’s best interest to give her family her full attention at this difficult time.

reese-witherspoon-ryan-phillippe-divorce.jpgPhoto courtesy of EOG

It was a sad week for romance, when the world found out that one of Hollywood’s sweetest and more importantly, most stable couples Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe - had separated. No specific seductress’ name had surfaced, but extramarital feminine distractions were pointed to as the reason why Mr. and Mrs. Philippe finally decided to go their separate ways after over 7 years. These days, however, the healing process has finally begun: “I’m doing fine,” Reese told In Touch. “I’m getting out a little more now. You’ll be seeing more of me.” The weekly entertainment magazine reports that according to friends, Reese still talks to Ryan several times a week on the phone, but their conversations are strictly limited to their kids, Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3. “She’s being civil to him, but she’s built walls,” a pal says. Reese is ready to put the past behind her, although she’s not ready to date just yet. “It’s a million miles away from her thoughts,” a pal says.

denise-richards-charlie-sheen-divorce.jpgDenise Richards and Charlie Sheen were probably one of the most controversial couples to divorce this year. In a scorching divorce court attack on Charlie Sheen, actress Denise Richards accused her estranged husband of being unstable, violent, and addicted to gambling, prostitutes and pornographic web sites featuring young men and girls who appear underage. In a remarkable 17-page sworn declaration, Richards also charged that an enraged Sheen–who was over for a visit with the couple’s two children–told her she was “fucking with the wrong guy” and called her a series of vulgar names in front of the children. Richards said Sheen then shoved her to the ground and screamed, “I hope you f–king die, bitch.” As Richards, 35, tells it, Sheen was angry because she had told her divorce attorney about discovering details of Sheen’s porn-surfing practices. Sheen’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, told TMZ: “For the last year Charlie Sheen has been hit with these ridiculous charges over and over and over again and has chosen to be a respectful gentleman and just respond with no comment.” Regardless, it didn’t take long for Denise to find comfort in the arms of her best friend Heather Locklear’s husband, Richie Sambora. When a reporter for X17 asked Richards if she and her former friend Heather Locklear’s estranged husband are engaged, she replied, “No, he’s not even divorced yet!” That’s sweet of her to wait.

heather-locklear-richie-sambora-divorce.jpgPhoto courtesy of HairBoutique Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora had been happily married for 11 years before Denise decided to hook up with Heather’s husband. Denise claims she and Richie were never together until after the two had split - but really, what the hell difference does that make. Another source told People Magazine that the couple had been going through a “rough patch,” and then Locklear found a suggestive e-mail sent to Sambora by one of their female acquaintances (who was apparently already a sore subject between them) which included some “provocative pictures.” Up until that mail, Locklear hadn’t thought the woman and Sambora had actually been involved romantically - but sources reveal that this incident was the final factor in her moving forward with divorce papers.

paul-mccartney-heather-mills-divorce.jpgPaul McCartney and Heather Mills announced their split on May 17, after four years together and one child from their marriage, resulting in a very dirty dispute. So dirty that Mills was reported saying that she would rather cut off her limbs than go through their divorce again (ironically Heather lost her left leg in a tragic accident a few years back.) Heather recently told BBC that she has “had a few death threats” since the divorce and has installed a Panic Alarm. Paul was reported lashing out at Mills, saying she didn’t deserve a penny and overall general Heather-Bashing in the tabloids. He finally decided to give his estranged wife a $235 million dollar divorce package to safeguard his health and well-being. Paul is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion, and it’s believed he and Heather have no prenuptial agreement.

christie-brinkley-peter-cook-divorce.jpgPhoto courtesy of ABC Former supermodel Christie Brinkley divorced her 4th husband of nearly 10 years, architect Peter Cook,as the result of Cook having an affair with his 19-year-old assistant, Diana Bianchi. The 52-year-old Brinkley reportedly found out about the alleged relationship from Bianchi’s stepfather and is said to have confirmed the alleged rendezvous through salacious e-mails between him and the 19-year-old. Their daughter, Sailor, is 8. You do the math.

kate-hudson-chris-robinson-divorce.jpgPhoto courtesy of ZDF Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson always seemed to be a weird pair. The two seemed so different that it wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone when they announced the split. What was a surprise was the fact that the divroce sparked rumors of Kate and Owen Wilson hooking up on the set of their movie “You, Me and Dupree.” The official cause of the divorce is uncertain. Maybe Kate realized that she is attractive and Chris Robinson is not.

jude-law-sadie-frost-divorce.jpgJude Law and ex-wife Sadie Frost are breathing a sigh of relief after finally reaching a so-called “happy ending” after the bitter fall-out from their divorce. Frost, who split from the actor in October 2003 after six years of marriage and three children and who have recently reached a divorce settlement following two years of bitter argument, says she and Law are now “good friends” and are both equally involved in the upbringing of Rudy, Iris and Rafferty. “I respect him, he respects me, she says. “I didn’t want this to be a bitter divorce. When I look back, it was complete insanity. But it has given me a strength and security to get through anything. You have to put aside ego and differences and anything said in the papers. “The children are the truth. They come first. It is a happy ending for us, it has just taken a while to get there.”

Which is great for the kids. And even better for the wife.

Last month Law admitted the divorce settlement with Frost had (how can i put this gently?) crippled him financially. Or in his words: left him broke. Both signed confidentiality agreements preventing them from discussing the deal, but Frost kept the couple’s £2 million house in north London’s Primrose Hill. She was also reportedly given £4 million in cash, supplemented by a living allowance of around £15,000 a month, and apparently is to receive a share in all of Law’s future earnings.

Now that’s what I call a happy ending.

whitney-houston-bobby-brown-divorce.jpgWhitney Houston sobered up and noticed that the only thing more whack than crack is Bobby Brown, her bad-boy husband of 14 years. TMZ speculated that the reason for the separation was self-proclaimed “Video Vixen”, Karrine Steffans, but I doubt Whitney is too bothered by her husband’s relations with Steffans cause it’s probably based on Bobby asking for money and not giving anything in return. Just like he’s used to. Whitney was last reported by rapper Akon (who is working with her on her next album) as “doing great,” “in the gym,” “moving around and gaining some weight.”

chris-rock-malaak-compton-rock-divorce.jpgAfter almost 10 years of marriage, Chris Rock and his wife are divorcing. Ironically, when the announcement was made on November 3, the stand up comedian was working on a film called “I Think I Love my Wife”. Chris, best known for his stand-up comedy as well as for a controversial turn as the host of the 2005 Oscar telecast, once told NBC’s Stone Phillips that marriage was “beautiful” but added, “If you’re a guy, [your individual self] is dead. Get rid of you. Take yourself to the door and wave. Hey, see you later. It sounds horrible. I’m happier than I’ve ever been now that I’ve shot myself in the head.” The couple has two kids, Lola 4, and Zahra, 2.

hilary-swank-chad-lowe-divorce.jpgHilary Swank wants the world to know that divorce is “not the end of the world.” “Millions of men and women fall in love, get married, then get divorced,” she told Reader’s Digest. “If what happened to me helps someone realize they’re in a great relationship and to hold the person closer, then do it. If it makes someone realize they’re in an unhealthy relationship that is making them both unhappy, then it’s not the end of the world.” The star also said during a recent news conference to promote her new film Freedom Writers, “I definitely would like kids someday. “I just love kids and that would be an important thing to happen to me someday….whenever the time is right.” This statement stunned Lowe’s father so much that he was reported stating: “All I can say is wow! I’m a little shocked. She didn’t want kids when she was married to Chad - he did! (Chad) was anxious to have children. He’d have loved to have had a baby with her. It was my understanding that she was more focused on her career.” The 32-year-old actress has since been seen out and about with her agent, John Campisi, who has a three-year-old son and is still married to his wife KIRSTEN. Swank has said about him that he is a “great guy”.

britney-spears-kevin-federline-divorce.jpgThe best (and last) divorce of the year goes to Britney Spears for finally coming to her senses and doing what her fans have been urging her to do since saying “I Do”: divorce “aspiring” musician Kevin Federline (by SMS!).

Britney Spears filed for divorce from K-Fed last month after only two years of marriage. Spears and Federline have two children together: Sean Preston Federline, 1, and Jayden James Federline, who is only 3 and a half months old. While Britney Spears’ divorce papers sought full custody of the children with visitation rights for K-Fed, Federline has asked for sole custody and spousal support from his soon-to-be ex-wife. As for why Federline is seeking custody, he says he is a family man and “that is the truth … in all honesty, that is what it is.”

Since the divorce, Britney Spears, a mother…a role model… has been seen partying hard (and most importantly – without panties) with her new best friend, Paris Hilton. After tremendous requests from fans and public bashing, Britney reportedly apologized to her fans promising that she will try real hard not to flash her punani everywhere she goes. Thank you Brit, I appreciate it.

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