Avoiding Holiday Turmoil in Divorced Families

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children and divorce and the holidaysModern times have delivered to us the alternative family, including but not limited to ex-spouses, step-parents, and step siblings. During the holiday season, children and families may experience confusion, distress, or tension.

For many, the picturesque holiday of families celebrating with food and gifts, with mom, dad, son, and daughter joined under one roof has been displaced. Today, over one-third of all marriages end in divorce as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics. Many children now celebrate their holidays under several different roofs and possibly with more than one mom or dad, creating the potential for the holidays to be difficult and stressful times for children and parents of divorce.

In addition to the typical holiday stress, often children of divorced families are under even more anxiety and grief. Often, the holidays are a time for reminiscing. Many children find it difficult to cope with memories of when their parents were together. Marriage and Family Therapists can help parents and their children create a season that reignites a sense of excitement, celebration, and joy. Here are some tips to help children enjoy the holidays:

The holidays can be a time for feasting, laughter, and happy memories after all. Remember, as a parent, you have the responsibility to create for your child a most joyful holiday season, and with the proper support system and professional help, you and your family can celebrate the season with ease and enjoyment.

Article courtesy of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

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