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“I need to know what my rights are…”

i met my husband at proabably the worse time one could meet a sig. other. i was going through a very bad divorce (husband left for another woman) he is seven years younger than i but he was great with my kids. i knew he had some issues with depression and i thought we could […]

“He told me I would never find anyone better than him…”

Long, sorry!
Hi all, I am 24 my H is 30, we have been married for almost seven years and together almost 10. Since the begining of our relationship Porn has been an issue. When we talked about it my H said, I have always done and it is not going to change, you better learn […]

“I have told him that I am all for the divorce now – but his behavior is getting WORSE…”

Gosh! All of this info is making my head spin ….. but maybe, somewhere out there, someone has some advice for me ………. ?
I am currently “legally” married; separated now for 4 months from a man I met when I was 18 [he was 21]. Fast forward 18 years, 16 years of them married. We […]