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Man Divorces Wife for Lying about her Age

The court granted a divorce to a man who claims his wife lied to him about her age.
She said she was 24-years old before they got married.
After they got hitched, however, she ‘fessed up to really being 30-years old.
Darn Asian girls. Even the locals can’t tell how old they are.
A little slow on the intake, […]

Famous Last Words: Bruce Willis’s One Big Happy Family

“He said, ‘Dude, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get the kids and all the spouses or the girlfriend together. You’ve got to show your kids it’s okay.’ It was like a light went on. Ding.”
- Bruce Willis credits Will Smith for helping him to become friends with his ex-wife’s husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Darn Divorce Celebrates 100,000 Pageviews!!!

Quick, somebody bake a cake!

It’s Game On For Family Lawyers

SOURCE - ABA Journal 
When Jasmin Watson talks about her divorce, she sounds tired and a little frustrated. Mostly, though, she’s concerned about how her children—ages 9, 11 and 12—are holding up. They’re doing better, she says, thanks in part to a package that arrived in the mail from her attorney.
Inside was a video game called […]

What Divorce Parenting Practices are Most Appropriate for School-Age Children?

It is being said that how bad or how well children go through the divorce depends on how the situation is handled. And believe me when I tell you that there is an appropriate divorce parenting practices for children of any age for them to be healthy, happy and successful despite you’re divorce. It simple […]