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Parents’ Unexpected Divorce Can Destabilize New College Student’s Life

Embarking upon a college career is a rite of passage. It is a foray into the realm of adulthood; it is a time to test the waters intellectually and emotionally, socially and professionally. But new adults are not immediately minted as soon as the dorm room is set up and the parents have waved good-bye. […]

Through the Eyes of the Child

Bill Sears of being interviewed regarding child custody and shared parenting on The Fox Morning Show With Mike and Juliet, live in New York on Monday May 14. The show was inspired by the political and family ramifications of Alec Baldwin, David Hasselhoff, Brittany Spears and Charlie Sheens custody fights and issues.

Divorce is Harder on Men, Study Shows

People who have experienced a divorce are at a higher risk of depression than those who remain with their spouse, a new study indicated.
The study revealed divorced men were six times more likely to report a episode of depression, while women who underwent marital break-ups were three times more likely to do […]

Divorce Is On The Decline

Fewer and fewer married couples are getting divorced nowadays. Some reports say the U.S. is seeing the lowest number of divorces in almost 40 years. But, some people say marriages are just as unstable as ever.
On the surface of it, this is good news, right? According to the Associated Press, divorce rates are at their […]

Life is Short. Get a Divorce.

A racy billboard recommending that couples get divorced is raising eyebrows in Chicago.
The advertisement shows close-ups of a woman’s and a man’s chests and says: “Life’s short. Get a divorce.”
It’s located in an area of the Windy City known for its singles’ hangouts that’s often referred to as the “Viagra Triangle.”
The attorney who put up […]

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s VERY STRANGE Divorce…

But there’s a good lesson to be learned:

It is said that two’s company, three’s a crowd. That could be particularly true when you’re sharing one end of a small boat. But for Bruce Willis, his ex-wife Demi Moore and her young husband Ashton Kutcher, it proved no problem at all.
While Miss Moore canoodled contentedly with […]