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No Wonder I Eat So Much McDonald’s

This is un-freikin-believable. Some guy caught McDonald’s using subliminal advertising in the middle of an Iron Chef show. IS this something that is going on during every show we are watching? What else is our subconscious being stuffed with? 

Will Online Social Networks Help Divorce Rate Drop?

Here is a fascinating post I found on Twist Image Blog by Mitch Joel:
With everything happening in social media and the proliferation of online dating, it got me thinking that because of the power of six pixels of separation (not the Podcast title, but the concept – a world where individuals are connecting in ways […]

Islam Respecting the Ladies Again: Divorce By Text Message

Muslim authorities in Dubai have decided to mold Sharia law to fit with 21 modern times.
Wow, you say… Could they finally be equalizing women’s rights, or stopping brutal mutilation as a means of punishment, or maybe even enacting free speech?
Not so much… They’ve decided that tradition can be merged with technology by allowing a man […]