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“I need to know what my rights are…”

i met my husband at proabably the worse time one could meet a sig. other. i was going through a very bad divorce (husband left for another woman) he is seven years younger than i but he was great with my kids. i knew he had some issues with depression and i thought we could […]

From “Married With Children” to Divorced With No Children

Look out ladies, Grandmaster B is back on the market. Actor David Faustino, aka Bud Bundy from the classic FOX TV show, “Married with Children,” is pulling the plug on his marriage to Andrea Elmer, and he’s asking the judge to make sure she doesn’t get any of his stuff.
In the divorce papers obtained by […]

How I Survived Divorce – in 45 Days

A clinical psychologist by the name of Bill Miller woke up one morning to find out his wife of 12 years was leaving him, was in love with another man, was moving out and was taking his son.
But when the pain and shock of it all lifted, Bill Miller chose to take the high […]

Guess Who Got to Keep the Cat

I keep trying to tell people that our cat is psycho and no one seems to understand just how much. So I brought proof.

Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is a great resource for information about divorce and children. This article contains some very important information for divorcing parents:Divorce is never easy on kids, but there are many ways parents can help lessen the impact of their break-up on their children:
Never disparage your former spouse in front of your children. […]

Bride Doesn’t Like Her Hair - EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

I’ve heard of brides from hell but this has to be one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Bride-to-be has panic attack 1 hour before the reception and starts cutting off her hair and attacking the bridemaids. You think this will hold up in divorce court?

Mothers-in-Law Cause of Italy’s Soaring Divorce Rate

Italy has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in marriage break-ups. The main cause bearing a high proportion of the blame? Mamma’s boys and interfering mothers-in-law.
A new poll by research institute Eures reveals that divorce happens every four minutes(!) in the country once regarded as a bastion of marriage. In 2002, Italy recorded 50,828 divorces - […]

Couple Fights for Frozen Embryos in Custody Battle

(When those poor things thaw, they are gonna need some serious therapy…)
Augusta and Randy Roman were once a happy couple, but like so many marriages, theirs ended in divorce. In the middle of the battle wasn’t three children, but three embryos they created together. Right now, the embroyos remain on ice while Augusta and Randy […]

Wanted: Post-Divorce Stories for Magazine Article

I was recently contacted by a reporter looking to do a story for the May 2007 issue of Best Life Magazine on first and second marriages, from men and women’s perspectives, and the effect of divorce on both men and women.
She is especially looking for the point of view of a man who does well […]