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Britney Spears Lesbian Rumors Part of Divorce Smear Campaign

Britney (bald) Spears’ spokesperson has denied the recent claims that Britney uses pornography and had threesomes and sex with other girls while married to Kevin Federline.
Rapper Omar Sharif, known as Iceman, told In Touch Weekly: “Britney was into threesomes and girls. There was tons of porn in the house — but it was mostly Britney’s.”
“They […]

Stepfamily Living: Not for Wimps

Remarriage with children is challenging! Ask anyone living in a stepfamily. Or ask professionals who work with these complex and vulnerable families.
Yet most adults enter the world of stepfamily living woefully unprepared, as evidenced by the 60 percent remarriage divorce rate in America. While not all those divorces involve stepfamilies, most do, touching the lives […]

Famous Last Words: Rod Stewart Looks for Shortcuts

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.” - Rod Stewart

Study Reveals 90% of Divorces in Ireland End Amicably

The perception that divorce in Ireland is characterised by bitter legal battles between former partners has been exposed as a myth after a study of family law cases found 90% of them end amicably.
The study showed nine out of 10 divorce and judicial separation cases which came before the Dublin Circuit Court last October were […]

Heather Mills Seeks Divorce Revenge Through Animation?

According to The Sunday Mirror, Heather Mills is planning for her revenge upon Paul and his progeny to take the form of an animated cartoon. She has reportedly set up a production company, Raspberry Fields (Do you see what she did there?) in order to bring the oh-so-wittly-titled cartoon sitcom The McFartneys to the world.
They […]

Marriage, Children and Divorce: When “Le Music” Stops

By Dr. Marshall Colt
It can happen in many ways. Sometimes, suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever. Other times, the music slowly, gradually, fades to a deafening silence.
Divorce is the great plague on American families today. More than 40% of adults under 40 are children of divorced parents. The […]

Local Radio Hands Out Free Divorce for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes “Cupid” just doesn’t get it right… but now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, local radio station WZZO is offering chance to break away from your ball and chain without breaking the bank: A Free Divorce Giveaway!
WZZO has been calling out to lonely, bitter souls to send in creative divorce poems in exchange for […]

Man Wins Divorce from Wife ‘Too Shy’ to Sleep with Him

A Tainan court has granted a man’s request for divorce because his wife was “too shy” to consummate their marriage, a newspaper said yesterday.The man surnamed Chen, a 38-year-old teacher from Tainan County was introduced to a woman surnamed Lin, 29, also a teacher, by a matchmaker.
After the couple dated for three months, they married […]

Famous Last Words: Jim Carrey Looks on the Bright Side

“We’re never getting married, but we’re never getting divorced, which is fantastic.”
-Jim Carry’s recent reply to “So is it true that you and Jenny are getting married???”.

Divorce Over Pumpkin Pie

A Russian man divorced his wife of 18 years after finding she had been feeding him cheap pumpkins instead of courgettes.
Ivan Dimitrov, 47, was devastated to find the pies he had been eating for six months were made of pumpkins and not courgettes.
Mr Dimitrov, from Voronezh, said when he realised the truth, after finding pumpkin […]