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Jude Law and Sadie Frost: A Hollywood Happy Ending

Photo courtesy of People
Jude Law and ex-wife Sadie Frost are breathing a sigh of relief after finally reaching a so-called “happy ending” after the bitter fall-out from their divorce.
Frost, who split from the actor in October 2003 after six years of marriage and three children and who have recently reached a divorce settlement following two […]

What Happens When You Put Divorce and Poetry Together

This touching fun-for-the-whole family piece is taken from Ojar’s Divorce Poems section. But the real credit goes to the author ‘mariher’ for his creative approach to a rather ‘crappy’ situation. Just in time for the holiday season.
by mariher
You’re a piece of shit
And I always knew it
You always smelled like shit
Your mouth needed a diaper on […]

Helping Your Kids Handle Divorce

Every year over one million parents have to talk to their
kids about divorce. For each parent, the discussions
differ, but the goals of the discussions are universal: to
openly and honestly reassure your child of your love.
Divorce is painful and traumatic for all involved – spouses
and children alike. We all happily begin our lives together
full of shared […]

Children of Divorce Trivia Based on British Study

Here’s a little divorce trivia from a recent British study about children and divorce, published on The Independent:

In 2002, 149,000 children under 16 were affected by divorce, which was nearly twice as many as in 1971.
By the age of 16, almost one in four children born in 1979 had experienced their parents’ divorce.
Despite the frequency […]

The Divorce Irish Drinking Song

This is taken from what used to be one of my favorite TV shows: Whose Line is it Anyway? For those who dont know how their famous Irish Drinking Songs work, one of the guys makes up the first line to the song and then the rest take turns improvising the rest of the lines […]

Snoop Dogg Reveals What Almost Caused him to Divorce

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone
Snoop recently revealed what almost caused his marriage to fall apart back in 2004. The rapper says he took his family for granted and was having too much fun being the king of a sex gang. (Apparently that does not do a marriage good.) The artist says he was involved in […]

China’s One-Child Policy Causes Divorce Boom

Photo courtesy of EHP
When China enforced a “one child only” policy in the early 1980’s to address its over-population problem, little did they know that they would opening their doors to a new problem: Divorce. A recent study by the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences has revealed that couples, who grew up as ‘only children’ […]

Divorce Rate Soars for Older Couples

According to Edmonton Journal, Statistics Canada has reported a disturbing increase in the number of older couples who are opting for divorce.
Between 1993 and 2003, Canada’s overall divorce rate fell by more than 11%, led by declines of over 40% among people in their 20’s and close to 30% among people in their 30’s. While […]

Christmas is Coming! And So is Divorce.

Photo courtesy of Vap Dermont95120
Christmas has always been considered to be a stressful time of the year. So stressful, in fact, that it has been reflected in the number of divorces filed in the courts after the Christmas period is over.
Divorce-Online carried out a survey of 1,000 visitors to their website during October and November […]

A Short (but Touching) Film on Divorce

I came across this short (but touching) video on divorce on YouTube. Good song, nice editing and scattered throughout the video you can find tidbits of divorce statistics:

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